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  1. so, i bought a bong from a headshop last week. the guy told me it was a medicali and it was listed at a reasonable price (120 + tax, but i got it $115 out the door), so i bought it. I go back a week later to buy a new bowl and a different guy who was working there told me that the bong brand was a 'heavy'. so i paid this much for a bong i know nothing about. anyone ever heard of a heavy? should i go back and demand for my money back or a better bong?
  2. well they won't do anything if you've used it yet, and chances are even if you haven't they won't. if you like the pipe though, what does it matter?
  3. Well does it seem as good as a medicali. If so I wouldn't go through the trouble. It probably is considering you didn't know and didn't care until someone told you otherwise.
  4. HVY? Is the bong you bought not labeled? Medicali or HVY both would have a stamp or label on them.
  5. the thing is the bong is really harsh and i dont like it. i just want to return it, although its been used, and pay 30 dollars more for a blue label roor. what shoudl i say in my defense? those bastards at that headshop are goin down
  6. dude the most your going to get out of a headshop is a discount on your next purchase.
  7. lol i guess you could try your best to clean the bong and make it look brand new. then say you haven't used it and hope they'll take it back :smoke:
  8. haha just sell it on craigslist, buy from a different head shop, and be a smarter buyer next time
  9. why dont you post up a pic so we can see it.
  10. Agreed. Ultimately though, if you don't like it, you may feel entitled to get your money back, but chances are you won't. It's worth a shot, but your best bet is to sell it to someone else and use whatever you can get back towards a new one.
  11. make sure you clean it EXCEPTIONALLY well, like grunge off or acetone or 99%iso and rice and say it's never been used.

    Go in and say you were told it was a medicali and say when you returned on a diferent occasion someone said it was a HVY. Say you're really reluctant about shopping at a place where the employees aren't knowledgable about their products.

    If it's a medicali tube, it should have a label like this

    if it's a HVY it should look somewhat like this (stolen from TC)

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