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  1. I'm currently running a freebie, Cheese Autoflower from Canuk Seeds. In my haste I neglected to notate when the plants began to flower. I do however know when the seeds germinated.

    On their website, Canuk mentions to expect about 8 weeks of flower but has no info as to total days from seed to harvest. I contacted the company about a week ago and received no response. Anyone have any idea of how many days/weeks I can expect from seed before this plant is ready for harvest?

    Ultimately I will rely on what I see to determine exact time to harvest. But, it'd be nice to have some kind of ballpark with regard to when I need to be watching more closely. Thanks for any input.
  2. You can't determine a exact date. The plant will let you know by preflowering and flowering which nutrients to use but that's about it. Then when you are close to harvest you keep checking the trichomes. My plants were alleged to have been a 8 week seed to flower lol. Over 5 weeks before I seen any preflowering.

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  3. Thanks for the reply but you just illustrated my point/question. When I am close to harvest I will keep checking my trichomes but I have no clue when I'm gonna be close to harvest becasue I didn't note when the plants started to flower. All I know is that I am exactly 11 weeks from germination.
  4. Just pay attention to the pistil coloring, when you feel you are correct. Check the trichomes about all you can do.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  5. No one can give you the answer you're looking for.

    Different lighting; different nutrients, different environmental conditions & different phenotypes to start can all change flower maturity time.

    Don't ever judge cannabis maturity by anyone's suggested "days from seed to harvest" - your flowers will be mature when they're mature and not a day before.

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  6. Again, completely irrelevant.

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  7. Thanks for the input. But just out of curiosity, why do the seed banks give an approximate time to harvest for Autoflower plants then? I just finished up some Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Auto and it finished in the exact window they list on their site. But for that strain they list how many days to expect from germination to harvest. It was right on the money.

    While I greatly appreciate the feedback, all I am looking for is some kind of ballpark timeframe from someone who has grown this strain or knows anything related to my question.

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