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  1. Basically i have two plants,
    Both started same time and both NL strains but one is almost ready and one is no where near ready, now when i harvest i hang and dry my plants in my tent, this time round i cant do that as the second plant needs another 3/4 weeks to grow.
    Any ideas as to how i can overcome this? I live in a flat so need to control the smell (usually drying in tent works a treat) but i cannot do this if i have another plant still finishing.
    Help is highly appreciated

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  2. I'd hang them inside brown paper bags inside the tent so the wind/light doesn't disturb them to much

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  3. Brown paper bags would be ok? Surely the light can get through it, do i just put the wet bug inside the brown bags and hang them? Or do i hang the plant then put the paper bag over it and tie it on?

    Thanks for the reply mate
  4. I'd have a piece of the stem sticking out of the top of the paper bag and hang em... I mean that's the idea just find something that'll sort of cover them but allow them to breath and hang without wind hitting them and drying them out to fast.. Just get creative lol

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  5. I've been caught like this

    and simply hung them on a line at my water heat tank?

    any place warm and dry

    hang a RH gauge too

    pick when the twig can snap

    good luck
  6. They need to be in tent, does putting them in the brown paper bags effect the taste or anything?

    This seems easiest to me, do i put the bag over the bud leave stem sticking out top and zip tie it shut? Will this be ok and not have any negative effects?
  7. Are you sure after chopping putting them in brown bags hung up will be ok? Wont cause mould will it

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