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  1. Hi, I was just hoping to get some advice on my growroom setup. I have a space that is 60W x 180L x 220H. I have ventilation set up with 2 vents that are installed at opposite ends of the roof of the grow room with insulated ducting Inside the roof where I have 2 x 150mm inline fans one for intake that brings air from outside and one for outtake connected to a roof vent. I would like some advice on lighting as I have several 400w and 600w hps lights and would like to know which is best to use, the 400 or 600 and also how far to position the light above my plants. I am growing from seeds if that helps. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, I've read a shitload of stuff about growing but would love to hear from people with experience growing. Anyway thanks for reading and I'll post about what I decide to to do and how my growroom gos soon. Cheers

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    If you veg with the 400s and flower with the 600s you will save some money on elec and wont run out of light or area (canopy) when you switch.

    always start light high and then go lower. a small plant doesnt need much energy (light). its easy to lower is hard to bring back a plant thats burnt.

    Google "the grow boss you tube" if you watch most of his vids and do everything he says you will finish (and most first timers dont)
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