Help with growing !

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by MrDrProfessor, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. okay i need some help...i have some seeds that have germinated and i now have growing outside in a nice sunny area...but i know winter is coming and they wont have time to grow. im not interested in growing huge plants, just nice small ones to get some free weed. i have 2 options. i made a grow box out of a trash can, covered it with tin foil and have a lamp with a wide spectrum bulb. however my house is very open and the only place i could grow it i would need to have extension cords across my room and would get caught in no time...are there any sort of lights that are battery powered or anything of that sort? (most likely not) . the other option is there is a large trunk in my basement that nobody ever goes in. i was thinking i could scrog in there but i would need a light thats flat that i could attach to the top? i could just put small holes in the back for wires and for a fan to ventilate. ive been looking at led pannels and they seem to be the way to go for this situation. does anybody know of any decent and cheap (under 100$) led's i could use? it would only be to grow one plant. any suggestions? or does it seem like growing just isnt gonna happen for me.

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