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  1. i am turning the top part of my dresser (large open cabinet like space) into a grow box for the vegetative stage. it is 31" high, 38" wide, and 18" deep. it has a reflective white (kinda glossy) paint to it, and is completely air tight. I have never grown marijuana before, but i have a few books on it a friend gave me, and ive been reading the things on these forums. i am very limited on money, and the dresser must look like an actual dresser (no strange foil pipes comming out of the back).

    i am planing on vegging 4-6 plants from germination in this space, until they are ready for flowering (seeds arent feminized, so a few males might get ditched along the way)


    i could either get a 400W HPS, but after reading these forums, i also would like to try 4 24W 6500k daylight CFL bulbs. plus i think they wouldent get as hot.


    I would like to drill some holes in the back, and make 1 fan blowing in, and 1 fan blowing out (square computer fans). I do not know how to set these types of fans up, though. also i have a small fan for air circulation in the grow box.


    I live with my parents who are pot heads, but for some reason hate the idea of me doing it. i recently turned 18. they do not grow, but maybe if they find my plants i can explain to them why its a good idea
    if you could, please post facts about small indoor growing, and why it is a good idea to people who are skeptical or afraid of the police. (im talking 4 plants flowering at a time).

    PLEASE please post help with the following topics. i really need some advice about the lighting, how to set up computer fans so they can plug into a USA wall outlet (or other ventilation), and the PROs and CONs of growing (maybe some facts too).

    ANYWAYS ill check on this thread often and i will be giving the incentive of +rep to anyone with advice, but im a new grower and i need some help.

    Thank you for your time. will add pics when i finish the setup.

    by the way, i found this info

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    Good idea, since you are not using femmed seeds, but the space you are describing will be a tight fit for 4 mature plants. You may have to go to 2-3 plants, but you'll figure that out as your space fills up.

    If your ventilation is good, you will be able to get away with the HPS, but if you think that it might cause a fire hazard, stick with the CFLs. You are going to want 100w of light for your first plant, and 50-100w of light for every plant after that. 4 plants, you will want a minimum of 250w of CFL light, and more would be better.

    Boom baby! <-- that's a guide on how to rig up a pc fan so it plugs straight into a wall socket.

    Honestly, it's their house, and if they don't want you to grow, you should respect that. Talk to them, see what their fears are, then research them. Maybe you can convince them to let you grow, maybe not. You're 18, you can always move out on your own, and then you can do whatever you want.

    I'll give you all the advise I have on any technical aspect, or growing technique that you have questions for. But dealing with your parents is up to you.
  3. Dude I do not think you can put a 400w hps in that space, it is to much heat for that small of an area. If you are just gonna use pc fans to cool your box the best bet would be for you to stick with cfls. I use a dresser as my veg box you can check it out in my grow journal below. I use a a 150w hps in there if you are still trying to go the hps route but you will need more to cool it then what you have. Good luck and if you have any other questions let me know.

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