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  1. I've been looking around online and decided I want to do a grow tent set up with a carbon filter.  I've already grown  before but now I have to be more careful because last time I did a bit of  a "ghetto" grow.
    Now the problem is I don't know what grow tent to get, and if I do, how do I know the carbon filter I get will fit for it? Can anyone help me with this?
    I've seen a few "grow kits" here:
    But they don't come with carbon filters so I don't know if they would work together or not...
    help appreciated.

  2. Lol, as long as u get one that is not bigger then ur tent, its gonna work. When buying a carbon filter they have different sizes that usually go by inches. This measurement is for the connection to your fan and ducting, so make sure u get the appropriate size for your stuff. For example I have a six inch exhaust fan which is connected to my 6x24 carbon filter. Its just plug and play my friend.
  3. I've grabbed 2 tents from HTG (the Agromax 47x47, and now the Agromax 98x54).
    Did a run with the 47 as part of one of their "complete kits" that came with everything needed and then some.
    Definitely worth a look. I'll be posting pics once I get everything hung and setup in the 98 hopefully sometime this week.
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    Do not trust the tent frame to hold your equipment. Build a frame that fits inside the top frame of the tent from 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch PVC. About $25 and your lights and fan/filter will not fall on your plants like mine did. Don't glue the frame together so it is easy to disassemble and move if needed. You will only need two legs to support it with a "T" on the bottom. The tent will not allow it to move around as long as the legs do not slide out. The two frames can be zip tied in several location if you feel it is required.
    Damn man that sucks. Which brand of tent did you use? The Agromax frames are made out of steel and are pretty sturdy once you get the base and tent around them. Also, they snap in at the corners/joints with metal buttons so no glueing.
    I managed to hang a 600w hps, 2 fans, 2 filters no problem. Could and will be hanging more on the next go with the 98.
    I don't remember the brand but the frame was steel with plastic joints. I could hang a hammock from mine now.
  7. if your going to reinforce the tent you may aswell buy a few lengths of 2x1s and build the frame and cover in black/white plastic. it will cost a lot less and it will be stronger than any tent
    Hmm...plastic joints. Have never seen any brand that used those..

    Was this an actual grow tent or did you custom rig a camping tent for your grow?
  9. It's an actual grow tent. Has all the intake vents and exhaust ports. It's 4X4' and almost 6' tall.
    Everything was doing well untill I added the charcol filter then boom... All the little ladies lived.
  10. The gyo tents sold on amazon from ledwholesellers use plastic corner pieces, and plastic end pieces for the roof supports. Mine broke causing my filter and almost my light fell to the ground, crashed on a tray of seedlings.

    I have an htg 55 x 55 now, and couldn't be happier with the tent, but the carbon filer I got from them never worked worth a crap. Bought a phresh and it is 100x better.

    Don't buy a low budget pos tent, and you won't need to build supports for it.
  11. Am growing in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent and I am having a knightmare keeping the temperature down I have a 4 inch inline fan dragging cool air in from outside and its still in the high 80s with the front wide open which is fine for now but in 2 weeks went things start getting smelly am gna b in trouble I have just orderd a new 6 inch inline to try and drag the heat out .any advice would b nice fellow tent growers

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