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  1. I am nearing the time to harvest my first grow and was hoping for some advice on finishing them up with a flush and harvesting at the correct time.

    I am 8 weeks into 12/12 about 7 weeks since first signs of flowering. These two strains have gone from about 10% red hairs to about 50% in the last week. The trichs are still clear but I suspect that will change soon as the buds are putting on some weight lately too.

    I am growing all organic and plan to just use water for the last couple weeks before harvest. I have read about flushing but have gotten some mixed ideas of what that means exactly. Do I need to just use water for the last couple weeks or do I need to overwater to actually flush the buckets? I have also read of people watering on a much more frequent interval like every other day for the last week or two before harvest?

    I feel I am so close and want this crop to be the best it can be! Any advice or comment on when to harvest or on flushing would be greatly appreciated!

    This is my Texas Chilli 7 weeks in flower!


    This is the AK47 also 7 weeks in flower

  2. Usually like to flush for about a month before I cut it down, with just water. So like starting now maybe good? Depending on how you feel.
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    If you're all organic, only time you need to flush is when you make #2... Seriously though, you don't need to flush. Just water last few weeks and you'll be alright.
  4. Is It True it helps to cmpletely dry the plant out right before harvest? like dont water for the last 3 day? i read it helps dry faster and prevent mold...
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    you want to let the soil dry out mostly between waterings. towards the end, like your plants age, they will require less water, so that could explain why you may have noticed people not watering as much towards the end. has nothing to do with mold prevention, only way to get mold if the genetics are susceptible or the plant has been infected. I also like to water the same day of harvest, so after I cut it down it dries out slower... of course if you do have PM that's probably not advise. Re- flushing it totally depends on what your fertilizer type is, and how it is applied. If you have a pre-amended fertilizer soil flushing will not remove any salts at all and you will only strain the soil with hydrogen, AFA when to harvest, I will start removing individual buds here and there when they are %75-90 amber... after a week or two of various individual bud pickings, I will finish up the harvest, and cut my losses better a early harvest than a late one.
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    First your shit looks real good.

    Those brown tips on your leaf say to much fert in soil.So ya flush asap..

    To flush you want to run double the amount of gallons of water as the size of your pot.So if your in 5 gal pots 10 gallons of water to flush each pot.

    Dont cut until the trich's are 50/50 cloudy/amber if you want weed that gets you baked for more then 20 min.Dont listen to people that say cut at 50/50 cloudy clear.Atleast get 20% amber min.

    Also you dont want to promote anything that will help dry your weed faster.When you dry your weed to fast it locks in the chlorophil in the plant matter.This makes your weed taste,and smell like hay.Who the fuck wants to smoke hay.

    Cutting early,and drying to fast are both the #1 taste/smell killers.The second,and 3rd best parts about weed.Sometimes I almost think the taste is the best part.You want it to take a good 5-7 days to dry minimum.Some people try to do it over a 2 week period even.
  7. Yeah drying the soil and not watering before you cut it down will help speed up the drying process.
  8. What's the best way to dry? I have rubbermaid tubs I used for my scrog and am gonna cut her down on Wed. I want to use the tubs to dry them out if possible. I have 1 incline fan and 2 exhaust fans with a nice amount of room in them. Is it possible to use them, or is there a better way?
  9. I usually use a cardboard box, poke holes and hang the branches from the top....

  10. A month!??? Wow. Never did it that long. I ALWAYS flush, most I've done is two weeks, shortest I've done is 4 days. Both came out perfect. What I did find is when I did two weeks, my leaves turned yellow.

    Flush a minimum of 4 days, clean water. All that flushing solution is a waste of money. Use pure RO water.
  11. Yeah I actually do I'm really paranoid about trying to get the best flavor I can in the end...
  12. Never put fans on your stuff.In the room or area yes to circulate air,but not pointing at them.

    You want a cool,dark,dry place with air circulating lightly.

    I'm actually tryn a new method told to me by some other members here.They say to just cut the buds off leaving a little stem to hold some moisture.Then they trim all leaf right then.Then into large brown paper bags just a layer or two of bud per bag folding the top over once.Keep it in the same type of area.Dark,cool,dry place.Then just open the bag and stirr it up every couple hours to prevent mold.4-7 days it should be dry enough to start jarring,and burping the jars for 15-20 min 1-2 times a day till fully dry.

    The reason I think this method may be better then hanging is because.In a bag I feel it will dry much more evenly,but we shall see.I'll be try'n this within 2 weeks.
  13. Yeah that is also a method I just didnt like how my buds flattened out in the bag...
  14. Rock hard buds dont go flat!

  15. True true I have cfl so kinda fluffy.

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