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help with fluffing up bricks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ca_dro, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. okay i get this weed for 75 or 80 dollars an ounce and its pretty decent smoke but it is just really compacted like smushed into a nice brick, when i break it up it breaks into nice little buds but they are really small for their weight, like a gram bud looks like .5. im looking for a way to fluff it up, ive heard of putting a piece of carrot or apple in the bag, or spreading it out on a surface and spraying it with water, can anyone tell me if this works or give me a good idea pleese
  2. please help me
  3. fluffing up brick weed? gl
  4. Just smoke it the way it is or buy better weed next time.

  5. If you spray it with water at all you'll actually end up making it look even smaller because your buds will weigh more. You also open yourself up to the risk of mold.

    Is it more sticky or brittle?
  6. Don't spray it with water, that is inviting mold. Putting a fruit peel (orange is best) for a few hours may make it more fluffy, but leaving it in for as long as you would have to make a brick ounce fluffy, it would be moldy.

    Hope that helps.
  7. put all the weed in a blender, after its all grinded down place it all in a cotton candy making machine
  8. lololol i had no idea this thread was going to be about weed.
  9. dont fluff it, take out the leaves and grind it in a grinder...........i deal with brick weed all the time so i know what its like
  10. its sticky yea its not dirt i would actually consider it good mids hairy, nice color but just pretty chunked up when i get it u kno?
    im gonna try the orange peel thing
  11. and i dont want it broke down just the buds to be bigger u kno?
  12. you get sess..
    sess is good (imo)
    honestly, there's no fluffing or softening.
    get a grinder, and smoke it. thats' how sess is.
  13. i get tht to dude 80 bucks a brick same type you were describing...hmm idk i just smoke as is dude...idc if it looks fluffy its decent weed.
  14. Yeah usually if its 80 bucks or lower ur getting what u paid for, if u know what I mean. if ur gonna put 80 in u mine aswell wait a couple days make 20-30 bucks and buy decent shit. IMO.

    I just by quarts because im poor lol
  15. yeah or just flip the 80 brick for double the price sell 8ths and ull make hell profit then go buy a ounce of dank not tht i do tht

  16. yesss its sesss...thats what im smoking nowwwww....dont put no damn orange peel in there, get a cheap plastic grinder (ten bucks) and smoke that shit....

    sess is good
  17. i once heard from someone if you sprinkle a little cold water on it then blow it with a hair dryer on hot it will fluff up....not sure if its true
  18. yea it would be easier to sell if the bags looked fatter like if the weed was fluffier feel me:wave::smoking:
  19. I used to put orange peels in my bag back when I smoked reggie. It definitely moistens it up.

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