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  1. ok so i have two plants.. one is a month or so younger than the other and only about a quarter the size.. i want to put the bigger one on 12/12 but i dont have another grow space for the smaller plant.. wht will happen if i flower the younger one this early?? any advice would be greatly apreciated.. btw this is my first grow and im very new to this although ive been reading alot on here
  2. The small one would just flower like the other one. It wont produce nearly as much bud but some do 12/12 from seed.
  3. ok thanks.

    So i'd be better off putting the smaller one by a window until it gets to the desired height then put it in with the other?
  4. Putting it by a window can possibly still send it to flowering. Depending on your Latitude and Hemisphere, this time of the year has different light during the day. The plant thinks it's still getting its light from the sun. If you are at a high latitude the effective change on the hours of light your plant will receive will vary. Added that the position, cardinal direction, and angle of your window, and nearby objects the amount of light your plant will receive will be different. If it's too little, or too different from what you have in your spot, you could freak the plant into blooming. Could.

    Simply, how much actual light does the window get in a 24 hr. period?

    Do you have 2 spare lamps? Get some higher wattage CFLs and put them on a cheap lamp timer to supplement the light in the early evenings or late mornings.

    If you're nearer to the equator, it's not such an issue.

    Also...plant in the window, not so stealth.
  5. unless u put it in a window that gets POUNDED by the sun ur plant is most likely going to stretch. i would not advise this. throw together a makeshift box untill you can build a propper one OR keep em all in veg till you can build another op.
  6. thanks guys. "bestkeptsecret" i had thought about just leaving the bigger one in veg til the other one is big enough. i just didnt know if i could leave it in veg too long
  7. It can veg pretty much as long as you want. Or as long as your space lets you.
  8. ok thanks man
  9. if any of you guys wanna see my plants i have pics in my album. im new to this site and havent figured out how to post them here yet.. any help with that would also be nice. thanks
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    I'd start a Grow Journal (special forum section for that) if I were you.

    Best way I've found is to host your photos elsewhere (flickr, picasa, pb) then go to the page to see the photo...right click and "copy image location" then when you're in the forum, click the yellow square with the mountains (add image button) and paste the location you copied.

    You can also "attach" images to the post, with size restrictions I believe. This will put them at the bottom of the post and pop up the little picture viewer for them.

    And you can veg indefinately. See the advanced grow techniques, there's a sticky about "bonsai mums." These are plants that are never bloomed, kept to a certain size, and used specifically to produce healthy clones that will veg and then flower.

    Very common technique for those doing SoG style who need 20+ clones at the same age on a regular basis.

    I plan on vegging my pure sativa for at least 4 months (plus the first month, as she was very unhealthy when I got her). Her bloom is a whopping 120 days, so I want to make sure I get the max amount that I have space for. Because it'll be a looong time before I get another harvest of her.

    Some folks only veg for a few weeks before blooming, some a few months. Outdoor growers in lower latitudes veg for long times, as equatorial seasons are much different than temperate. This is why you see those killer 10-15 foot plants in some of those Caribbean and Central American grows.
  11. thanks man. alot of good info. ive been doin a little research but im still just gettin started. is there any certain fertilizer you prefer to use for veg?
  12. I've been using the FoxFarm Grow Big. good stuff. Hard to burn the plants with flushes in between feedings. I've been using the heavy dose on a regular basis will all my adults.

    FoxFarm in general. Also, get some Mycochorizae. Good fungus to have plenty of.

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