Help with flowering/possible light leaks?

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  1. So this is my first post/grow and I just wanted to get the opinions of some of you more experienced growers...

    My little plant is the last survivor out of six after the cat got to 5 of appears to be healthy, but I am having trouble with flowering. At the bud sites I am getting small leaves and no signs of sex. I haven't been able to find a lot of information online, but my guess so far is light leaks. Any ideas?

    Also, if that is the case, is that something I can fix? If I stop the leak and resume flowering, is my biggest risk a hermie? :confused:

    The pictures attached are of the plant, the small flowers at the nodes as I was talking about, and what I thought were finally pistils but are actually just new small leaves.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. - I started flowering relatively early (about 4-5 days ago), as space is limited...could that be a factor?

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  2. 5 days into flowering isn't long at all considering strains range from 8-12 weeks of suggest flowering time. Relax. Plant looks good. Just be patient. What is your light schedule. It should be 12/12 if you want to flower. Also what is your light source? temperature in the room?
  3. Yeah I have moved it to 12/12...I just have it under florescent lights though. Temperature in the room is about 75-80 degrees I would say.

  4. How many watts do you have?You need a minimum of 100 actual watts. I suggest 200watts but the plant will survive on 100. what temp are the bulbs? they need to be a mixture of 2700k and 6500k. 2 6500k to every 1 2700k . Also you can keep the lights fairly close to the plants without damage. CFLS create minimal heat. Florescent lights make very little heat as well but if you put them close to your plants keep the ends of the tubes(where the tube connects to the fixture) away from the plant because its the hottest point.
  5. I actually just stepped it up to 150w...I will add more though. Not sure on the lumens.
  6. is that actual watts ? or equivalent watts?
  7. 150 Watts on one plant is more then enough. I don't think any plant shows signs of sex after just 5 days.
  8. It's looking pretty stretchy even for a sativa. Are your lights as close as you can get them without burning the plant? CFL's loose a lot of their power after only a few inches. And if you switched to flowering, you want more 2700k lights than 6500k.
  9. I have the lights close enough, I think I just needed more lights. I am going to change the setup and get some of the 2700k CFL's. Thanks for the info guys.
  10. So just to update, I took your advice and all is well. Thanks!
  11. Awesome man! Got any pics? :)
  12. For you can see it has really filled out a lot. I have quite a few bud sites popping up but I couldn't get a good pic. I also picked up some tiger bloom which seems to be doing an awesome job.

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  13. Glad shes doin so well my friend. keep up the good grow.

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