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  1. hey so im pretty new, but have a little experience. at my friends we grew with an hps grew nice buds, but i have some floros because hps just isnt possible in my situation. so i have 160 watts of light, 80 cool white, 80 soft white. i do have some buds but it only looks ok i was wonderin if there was maybe a different spectrum i should use instead for flowering? i got what i thought looked the best at home depot so i dunno
  2. Warm white flouros is what you want for flowering. From what I have read cool whites are best for vegging, and avoiding soft whites is your best bet.
  3. Spectrum is everything... Blue for vegging. Red for flowering.
  4. I'm kinda new too. But I might be able to help. I experimented with Floro grows too and had a similar result using similar lights that you have. I got some tips from these boards and now this is the set up I use.

    1 2800 degree Floro (Red)
    1 6500 degree Floro (Blue)

    Each one of these bulbs puts out approx. 2,800 Lumens. Nowhere near what you would get with HPS... but probably better than what you're using now.

    You can get a couple of lamps for $5 at home depot.... there are a ton of sites for light bulbs... I got mine from the following site. They worked very well and had reasonable prices for replacement bulbs.

    good luck

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