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    I've just got a feminised seed of white widow that i intend on planting indoors.

    I've got a pc box ready to go almost, and a pot and soil.

    I am however, reconsidering this and am thinking to place the plants freestanding inside my water tank cabinet where it's warm, dark and dry. The plants would be about 2foot higher than the water tank.

    I wanted to run the rest of my plan by you guys to see if I'm doing anything wrong particula1rly.

    I intend on germinating the seed and placing into a 6" diameter pot, with soil.

    My lights (which I haven't bought yet) are going to be a 6500K and a 2700K CFL. Both - 45W (3000 lumen). Planning to run on an 18/6 ratio for the first 4-5 weeks then switching to 12/12 for flowering then on.

    I then plan to transfer to a 5-6L pot, and either continuing in the airing cupboard with the CFLs, or to leave in view of my windows in my room, without extra lights.

    If i use the pc grow box then I have a spare fan that runs off a pc power supply (the 4 pin type). I also have a spare psu (that came out of the pc 550w) that can be used to power this outlet fan. Do I need another fan that brings air in, or is merely an extractor good enough?

    The inside of the pc box will be lined with tin foil, with the less shiny side facing inward to allow reflection of light but to stop any magnification burns.

    After week 2 I plan to feed it organic plant food.

    Opinions on this? Anything drastic wrong here?

    I'd like to yeild 2-3 Oz preferably, but at least between 1-2 oz.

    Realistic? Any suggestions?
    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: I'll be taking pics when I've done my germination later tonight of the box and space. I could make this a sort of blog if that's alright! Also, any suggestions would need to be realistic ones. I'm on a very very tight budget, and am looking to do this for as cheaply as possible. Happy to invest in the above bulbs (comes to like $30), plant food/soil etc etc, but don't want to go overboard with a $150 setup. Maximum I got to spend is about $50 over the next month.
  2. Wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in a ph meter and a temp/humidity meter. Not sure what you mean by water cabinet maybe you could elaborate on that. Also not trying to sound negative but I doubt you'll get 3 ounces off one plant, especially if its your first grow.
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    Hey thanks for replying. I intend to get a ph meter and a thermometer.

    I've taken some pictures of the grow space, and the lights I'm planning on getting.

    Hmm, yeah quite probably 3oz is unlikely, but hey i can use that as goal, and see what i end up with!

    I did want to ask though:

    Once germinated, how long does it need before the seedling needs to go under the lights? If it's more or less instantly, then I need to get the lights first, but if it's going to be 2-3 weeks in dark (as I've read here) then I can get germination going, and then use the lamps when I need them.


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  4. It only took a few days for the seeds to pop through the dirt ones i planted them(i germed in paper towel first)
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Anyone got any opinions on the setup as mentioned?

    Is the water closet space a good place to grow? Do I need lights straight away or later on (as mentioned in the above article)?

  6. There's nothing particularly wrong with your setup. I don't think that you'll get 2-3 ounces in that space, but nothing wrong with having that as a goal. Youre going to have to train it significantly to keep it within the PC box if you're going to veg it for 4-5 weeks.

    You need lights as soon as the first two little round leaves show.
  7. lights are our fake version of the sun... it is extremely important for the plants to have that as soon as possible, also tin foil is really not even worth messing with because it causes more problems than it solves and painting something flat white is something like 97% reflective... which is a huge upgrade from tinfoil has somewhere around 50% ish reflectivity and will pretty much always cause hot spots... not sure on the % for tinfoil but its really not reflective
  8. Quick update to my grow. I'm not sure how it's going. It's been 5 days.

    After germination of my seed for 24 hours, the seedling had a root approximately an inch and a half long, which immediately didn't sit right in my mind.

    Since, the stem just grew, and now there are leaves. What I've done in the picture, was rather than trying to defy gravity and get those nutrients up a long thin stem, was to try LST style circular wrap. I don't know if this is a good idea or if im just fcking with it for nothing.

    The leaves otherwise, look healthy and green.

    Another potential idea from reading would be to make a clean cut on the stem about 2 inch below the leaves, rooting hormone it and repot it. Would this work? Would this mean potentially the stubbed root regrowing, and the new 'cutting' so to speak regrowing roots (essentially giving me two plants from one seed)?

    Cheers people!

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  9. bump! sorry, but would love some opinions on possible solutions. This is my first ever grow. thanks!
  10. i would carefully dig the seedling out without damaging the root and replant it so only the leaves and a tiny bit of the stem is above the soil.

    its going to stretch like mad thought if you dont have a light on it, if your using CFL's they need to be roughly 1-2 inches away
  11. Yo dude DONT cut that seedlin. It wont grow back. And dont uproot. You only have 1 seed right? Dont mess it up.
    This is what ill do. Take some kind of stake and stand seedlin str8 up and tie it to stake. Then wait for about 4-5 leafsets, then transplant. When you transplant bury it right up to cotyldons. Also while waiting put plants like 2inches from lights. Also adding a small fan in the closet, not blowin directly at plants, but making them move a lil, will help strengthen stem.

    I think you should lower your goal to a more realistic one. Like a 1/2 ounce or so. Or set your goal to just make it to harvest. Then once you get that 1st harvest under your belt u can starrt goin for yield goals.

    But this is just my.02. Go to my 1st grow in sig. You'll get a good idea of what to expect from a small grow. I just started tryin to make it to harvst and was lookin to get a few grams. Ended up pleasantly suprisd w/15grams of kind bud. All bud, no stems and branches. So get that 1st one off 1st, then the rest will be that much easier.

    Usually, and i say usually, if you want an ounce off a plant you need an hid light or an assload of cfls. 3 or 4 cfls will not get you an ounce. So when u start flowering the more lights the more you'll yield, given errting else is on point.

    Hope that helps. Ill b lurkin!!!
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    woah, thanks, did exactly that and within the space of about 4 hours, shes become a lot more straight, and theres a new set of leaves! um quick question, I've been putting a couple of drops of baby bio into the water every sort of 2 days or so; is that too much nutrient for it at this stage or is that ok? Also doesn't my stem seem rather wirey? is that normal for about 6 days in? I was expecting more of a short stem with slightly bigger leaves! perhaps you're right maybe my setup is a little lacking in the lights dept, but hopefully ill sort that soon.

    read through your thread man, sounds awesome, love the box, seems like a perfect little house for it! hopefully mine'll come out even half as good I'll be happy!


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  13. Yeah that little seedling is really really stretched. Get that thing close to the lights!!

    It's also too young to be needing nutes. Wait until it gets a few weeks in to start feeding it.
  14. i agree wit adapt that thing is way to stretched out and really needs to be closer to the lights and also is going to need some fan blowing on it lightly... this will strengthen up the stem and hopefully thicken it up... if you dont get that stem strong it will fall over under the weight of the buds
  15. Thanks for the advice.

    Well, it seems to pick up after that for a little white; the stem straightened up, it started growing a new inner set. But then last night i looked at her, and one of the first two sets of leaves has a yellow spot on it.

    I've read this could be nutrient burn, nutrient deficiency, spider mites and pH unbalanced soil. I'm thinking its the latter, as I have been using probably too much baby bio plant feed. One source also rekons its lacking molybdenum, but where does one go for that?!

    At the moment, I'm trying to just neutralise the soil with water. I've put the plant with a hole in the bottom, into a bowl of boiled water that has sat overnight, and am hoping osmosis will do its job and help balance out. Shes also out of the light for a day or two till i can figure out the cause.

    Any help would be appreciated, seems like this one is going to go down to experience. :(


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  16. Do you have a way to measure and adjust pH yet? I can't stress enough how important that is for the survival of your plant.

    On the bright side, there's not much wrong with it. Try to hold off on the feeding until the third or fourth leaf sets develop. They don't need nutes this young. Also try not to water again until the soil gets dry at least an inch or two down. You can usually tell if they need water by how heavy the pot is. Wait till it's significantly lighter to water.
  17. --As with any seedlings be careful not to have it too wet, as well as adequate air flow to ensure that some evaporation can occur--- it seems to look better than the 1st picture:), also take care that it is not getting above 80* Farenheit (keep a thermometer next to the seedling), then see how close you can have the bulb without it getting too hot -- I know it is hard to do sometimes, but try not to get too nervous as nature takes her course-- since it is indoors, good and plentiful light is one of the most important components that will help it along--best wishes,
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    Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate it. This post is long, and has a lot of questions that would really help me out.

    I ended up wanting to flush the soil but then ive also read that flushing too early can cause overwatering effect and kill it, so i bought some fresh organic soil, and repotted removing as much of the old soil as i could without touching the roots.

    As seen in the below pic, i don't think i was able to save her, and do believe that shes finished. I'm still watering, keeping in the sun - I figure once the stem wilts and falls shes definitely dead. Bit confused as the leaves are pretty dead, but the stem is holding fairly well still and has developed hairs over the last few days.

    Till i'm certain shes dead I'll keep trying. I've tried adding some sugared water after reading it can help save a dying plant. Any opinions to the contrary?

    See what you think in the pics.


    On another note, just ordered an advanced brand early widow fem seed for like 8 bucks, with 2 free big bud#1 seeds thrown in.

    From the experience here, I've learnt a lot. Realistic expectations as bgsixxxniner mentioned, investing in a ph meter, and more appropriate lights.

    Question now is:

    I have a 25cm diameter pot, with no holes in the bottom.

    1) should I drill holes in the pot for the next attempt?

    2) should i use the same soil, or completely empty the pot and soil out and start again??

    3) WHEN should I be adding BabyBio plant feed?
    (stats - see picture for nut info)

    4) can i put all of my seeds into my existing 25cm pot to grow? space them approximately evenly through soil...

    5) if i want to grow 'indoor' but not have a special place for it would it be ok?
    (ie if i put lights up but leave it open in the corner of a room...? the room does get quite cold at nights but if the light pattern extends through the night for eg 18/6 starting at 10pm and switching off at say like 5pm as it gets colder and moving into the closet space for the lights off? the lights generate some heat, enough to keep it warm i'd say, but possibly the heat would be dissipated through the room im guessing)

    6) my soil is multi purpose compost bought from a local supermarket. It is peat free, and organic and I have 20 litres of it. If I grow in the current pot, would I need to repot at some point?

    7) should I be putting the pot into a watering tray and water from the bottom or should I water the soil from the top? using a small spray bottle, and intend on watering every time it's dry down to like 2-3cm down, but from bottom or top?

    8) finally - an 8 week flowering time - is that from planting it or from the start of the flowering period?

    9) should I plant in the pot and place in a window sill for the light period 18hrs, or should i use my lamps in a dark environment instead?

    Any other tips and advice would be appreciated. Would love to make a success of it this time, or else the 100 bucks or so I've ended up spending so far are a bit of a waste.

    Cheers people, good luck for all youse doing grows!

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  19. 1) drill holes
    2) new soil
    3) no idea (i dont know much about nutes )
    4) no you will need much much more soil than that... you shouldnt share a pot between multiple plants
    5) that room will need to be able to reach 100% darkness during the dark period otherwise the plant will hermy
    6) you shouldnt need to re pot, and should be able to keep them in a 25 cm pot untill harvest
    7) water from the top use gravity as your friend... whenever the pot feels light and like it has no water then water it till its nice and moist throughout... having your soil dry out is not that bad of a thing because it encourages your roots to spread.
    8) your flowering period is your flowering period. its only the time that you have been flowering

    and you can check out the box i just built if it would help... its cost me about 120 total so far but i did get my light for free

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