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  1. Hi GC. What im gonna be doing is growing some marijuana for the first time. I just want to experiment with it and im not aiming for high yeilds. I have a little box im gonna grow it in descretely and the bottom line is, how do i get it to stop growing tall at all? i want to make my plant as short as possible. i read something about topping, does topping stop the plant from growing upward? What do i have to do to make my marijauna plant a midget, cuz thats all i want right now.
  2. go search and read in the advanced growing techniques section!:wave::smoking:
  3. i tried searching but i dont know what to search. i tried to search things dealing with short and i came up with nothing. i dont even know what method to use or what its called. I tried the advanced section, but its a little too... advanced... i couldnt understand anything. could u provide a link?
  4. Topping a plant focuses its energy on growing the side shoots opposed to the top. Unfortunately, you can't completely stop lateral growth. Here's a couple links:

    you might also try ScrOG or Screen Of Green. You actually place a screen (chicken wire or the like) over your plant and it controls the lateral growth. Here's a link for that:

    Finally the easiest way to get you plant to "finish" with a short height, put it into flower(light 12 hours on/12 hours off) when it is short.

    Good luck
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    wow thanks OCDinFL that helped so much! i also did some research and decided to try controlling the root zone. Its just when u have a small cup and never take it out so it doesnt have enough energy to grow taller. and after i think its bushy/tall enough ill just set it to 12/12

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