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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jamesduncan, May 31, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, im about to start my first grow and have a few questions as im feeling pretty overwhelmed. I live in Southern California and am planning on growing 3 plants outdoors in pots, I just flattened out an area for everything. Im going to be starting with clones that im guying to buy from either a nursery or a local dispensary (prob buying in 1.5 weeks). The ones from the dispensary come in plastic red solo cups, and im assuming the ones from the nursery would be in a similar sized container. My first question is would I be able to move the clones straight from the red solo cup to their final sized smart pots (more on the sizing of them later)? Or will I need to work my way up to my final size by transplanting them into 1 gallon, 3 gallon, 5 gallon etc sized pots and work my way up? Additionally, at what point would I move them from the red solo cup sized container to their final pot (whether that be a small one if im doing multiple transplants or the final sized pot if I can transplant directly to final size pot). My next question is about the pot size. I know I will be using smart pots but what size should I use? Assuming im able to transplant straight from the solo cup to a smart pot would a 10 gallon pot be good? I know a lot of the pot size is based around how big I want them to be. I would like them plants to grow as big as possible during the veg stage, but my only issue is that I need to harvest my plants by September 20 as im going back to school then. And because im growing outdoors, it is my understanding that I will not be able to control when the plants will go from vegetative to flowering stage. So given my time limit of September 20 will I need to pick strains with shorter flowering periods so they will be ready to harvest by September 20? Also does anyone know when they will typically switch from flowering to vegetative in Southern California so I can find strains that have a flowering period shorter than whenever they flower till September 20th? Additionally, is there any way to induce the flowering stage if im growing outdoors in case im running short on time and they haven't started flowering yet (besides light cycles because I can't co tool that outdoors)? Its also my understanding that if you have a lot of time for it to vegetate you should use a larger pot and if you don't have a lot of time for veg period you should use a smaller pot, so if anyone knows when they would switch from veg to flower in so-cal, and considering that I will be purchasing clones in 1.5-2 weeks, how long does that give me for the vegetative phase and how large of a smart pot should I use for that long of a veg phase? I know that was long so thank you to anyone who took the time to read it, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Buy the biggest clones you can. Put a CFL over them as soon as you get them. 24-0 lighting till July 1st.
    Turn off the light and they might be done enough by Sept 20. You really don't have a long enough window to get more then 5 joints worth at this late date.

    Normally Photoperiods will start to flower Aug1st and finish at Halloween. Oct 15th to 30th is the normal harvest for fast indica. Sativa plants can run till Christmas.

    <--- been growing outside in Long Beach So Cal since 2012.
    Growing in So Cal in general since 1976. :)

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  3. Okay, so you are saying I will need to use a light? I was hoping to do it all outdoors in pots but will that not work? I don't really have an indoor space I can use.
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  4. The light is just to trick the plant. It doesn’t actually help in any practical way in terms of growth. By having a small CFL running 24/0 a day the plant uses that as a reference. Then when you stop the light on July 1st that plant goes oh shit it’s fall I better get to business. And will soon start to flower.
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  5. Okay thanks for the clarification, if I were to do that method wouldn't I get a small yield due to the lack of the vegetation period? Also, if I were to buy a clone would I have to keep it under a light no matter what until its old enough to go outside or could I put it outside right when I get it. Or if I can't put it outside right away after I buy the clone could I keep it inside my house by a window without the cfl lights until its ready to go outside, or does it still just need 24 hour lights after I purchase the clone (I believe they are 5 or 6 weeks and I would prob get them in 1 week)
  6. When BNW speaks the rest of us OGs listen carefully!! What ever u do don't go against what he say! He is Yoda or the Oracle around here. Plus he is from here! I am also!! Palm springs outdoor guy!!

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  7. yes your yield will be small compared to Outdoor grows started in April because of the short veg time. However if grown properly you will still get a good yield!

    If it’s fully rooted then it’s ready to go outside. However care should be taken to harden your plant to full sunlight. You expose it to a few hours of full sun the first few days and increase the amount of time over a 5-7 day period. You I’ll still need to keep the CFL light on it 24/0.

    Window would be the worst idea because there is not enough light with or without CFL.
  8. Ya what Papa and BNW said haha
  9. I veg 1 month indoors set out to flower and average 4 zips

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