Help with first inside grow room.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by green67, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Oh yeah, that RV closet is in Nevada..Desert.

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  2. I’ve watch a lot of vids making home made ac How often do u have to refill with ice?
  3. Do u have a diy thread on how to make? My humidity earlier was 10 in my flower tent
  4. I'll find it.

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  5. Read thru there. Should have all the links.

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  6. 12 acres... nice!

    if you have a room inside a barn or larger building that you could build a room in, you might be better off and not have quite the extremes to deal with as far as how hot or cold it gets
  7. I read thru a lot of that. May give that a try!! Those fans tho!! Exactly what u want for inside my new tents. If I got several of those in tent are they strong enough for inside tents to move air/plants like a fan fan?
  8. Grow how you wish to i know i dont like hydro i like my soil organic and youll get loads of different view go with your gut or try a bit of both try coco and soil if you like coco then try dwc

    With hydro you tend it get bigger yeilds but i find it way more effort and ive got good in soil.

    Soik gives some popping flavors ive found.

    Co2 is a waste of time in an exausted grow room and under 30c

    Humidifier can help if you get low hum in veg you want 60-70 then 40-50 in flower.

    As zerobs said 2 600w would be better or cmh bulbs.

    Youll want mh for veg and hps bulbs for flower.

    You could go hps and led you can mix spectrums abd light to give you best coverage ect.
  9. Rund the lights over night time it right so your in flower over summer have lights on over night and off during the heat of the day :)
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  10. Those fans are like mini jet engines!
    200 cfm. Not exactly quiet, but they work awesome.

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  11. I think imma use them in tent. Just far enough off wall to be effective. It’ll save a ton of room a few bigger fans woulda took up! Hopefully the exhaust fan will drown the out! U know of any like it that is as strong but quieter?
  12. Nope. Best fan I could find. Need a couple amp power supply.

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  13. Nit sure what fan this is for but. Ive got a 300cfm exaust fan you can barely hear i get worried its stopped sometimes and have too feel for air out the exaust its so quite
  14. Sweet. Got a link?

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  15. Systemair is the brand name theres also anothe exaust fan that has the quite symbol on thats mentto be a first.

    But i use systemair fans there so quite got the 4 and 5 inch.
  16. Ok I watched a video of that 200cfm. Good shit! Question. I’ll have 4x2 tents. If I went with 100 cfm and put 1 on each end blowing towards center at canopy and 1 at each end under canopy do you think that would be enough air movement? Also enough air to rustle the plants to strengthen stems?
  17. Or do u think I’d need two at each end ? And higher cfm?
  18. 100cfm wouldnt be alot 300cfm on my 3x3 dont move the plants at all i use and osc fan for that.

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