Help with first dwc (Bubble bucket) grow..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pitbull420, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hello, I have recently started my first hydro grow via dwc and have a few questions I'm hoping some one here will have the answers to.. I constructed my bubble bucket with step by step instructions I found here on this site.. The bucket works great so far.. I'm a lil over 2 weeks into the grow using foxfarm Grow big (hydro formula).. The clone has already grown 7 inches since I started it in the bucket and looks really healthy with great vigor.. However the problem I'm having is I change the res out and within 3 to 5 days I have to do it again do to a build up of what I can only asume is algae.. With every res change I have to rinse the build up off the roots and air stones.. I sent off for my ph tester and ph up & down but still haven't received them yet, So right now I'm using a paper ph tester with lemon juice to stabilize the ph.. I try to keep the ph at around 5.8 but its alil hard to do with lemon juice lol... I have foil tape around the whole bucket so I don't think any light is getting throw but I wrapped it again with the last res change 3 days ago just in case.. It still didn't help I checked it again today and it's starting to build on the air stones and roots.. Any advice would be appreciated..
  2. If it's algee then it sounds like your getting light in you res. Are you using a white bucket, or something that would allow in light?
  3. I'm using a white bucket but it's completely covered from top to bottom with two layers of foil tape..
  4. what about your lid? Is the algae green?
  5. It starts off white around day 3 and after around day 5 it's a very dark green almost black looking.. The lid is covered I also moved it out of the 400 watt mh and put it under 4 clf lights to see if that would help but It didn't make a difference..
  6. Hey, did the bucket you are using have ANYTHING in it before? Do you have a combined system (i.e. bubbles and drip?) Where are you getting your water that you use to fill the bucket? any more info would help.
  7. The bucket was new.. No combined system and I have been using distilled water to fill the bucket..
  8. I went ahead and switched out buckets to see if that would make a difference.. Im really out of ideas on what else could be causing this but like I said it's my first hydro grow and other then the algae It's been great.. The plant is growing twice as fast as my soil grows staying green and very healthy.. I just really need to figure this out.. Thanks again for all the help..
  9. Need of pic of this stuff... then i can prob help ya...

    the lemon juice may be causing you issues..
    sounds like mold is forming.... def stay on top of the water changes, try to get it before it goes black... and get a pic...hopefully the ph adjusters get there quick...
  10. How hot is the water?

    I can't believe no one asked that.

    I've been cleaning shit off roots and sterilizing buckets for 2 weeks.

    Lost 1 of 2 plants to this root shit.

    Flushed w/ tons of water w/ hygrozyme, added more to the res.

    Cut nutrients. Lowered water level.

    Shit kept growing back. Like a yellow slime, especially coating the airstones.

    At the time the temps in my tent were hitting 100 in mid day.

    Now I'm running my a/c at 65, got a total of 6 fans pushing cold air in and hot air out. Temps are a steady 72-75 and NOTHING but roots, (fresh clean white ones) are growing in my bucket.

    Just know man most of that shit will only grow at certain temps, and while I'm not as experienced as some of the posters here, I've read that res temps are ideal at around 68-70.

    I've got an aquarium chiller in the mail coming.

    Hopefully you'll get that shit cleaned up and make it to harvest.

  11. I just cleaned it off today when I switched buckets but I'll post some up in a few days.. I'm sure it will be back.. I also thought the lemon juice my be causing it so I will try a few days with out it.. If I have to I'll change the res every time the ph rises..

    I have never checked the temp in the res but now that I switched to a 400 watt instead of 1000 watt mh (Switched before dwc grow was started) my room temp never goes above 79.. I'll have to go into town tomorrow an pick up a thermometer..

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