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  1. So I've had this bong for about a month and every time I fill it the showerhead perc is never covered. All the water always covers the bottom chambers but never the showerhead. When I pour water in it the water that was covering the showerhead goes to the bottom. Can someone tell me if I'm filling it wrong and doing something wrong.

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  2. it doesn't look to me like there is any way to fill that top perc up.
    it would put the water line into the joint where the bowl goes in, and that's not gonna work.

    I would treat that top piece like a splash guard-- not to be covered with water but to catch any water that bubbles up into it and let it drain out.
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  3. thanks for posting a picture!
  4. I was thinking the EXACT same thing....but I'm more or less a bong I didn't wanna say that whoever spent the time and money to make that bong....did so ineffectively
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  5. Yeah I think dank is probably right. Try filling it with some water and pulling through it and see how far you can get the water to go to and to stay at. If it can't stay at the top perc then dank is correct.
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  6. That's just a poorly designed showerhead usually found on china glass pieces, but that is still a really nice looking bong! As others have said just use that as a splash guard, hopefully it doesn't add to much overall drag to the bong.

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