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  1. Right now I have 2 fans and I am wondering what would be the best set up. As of now I have my 6" 435CFM exhaust fan like this Carbon Filter> Ducting> Fan on Outside> Into house for heat

    The other fan is a 6" inline fan 180CFM I thought about using it to cool my light
    Ducting Intake> Light> Fan> Ducting Ehaust

    Is this setup appropriate or should I just use one fan for everything

  2. How big is your tent and How many watts is your light?

    If you have the time you could always set up your duel fan setup and just see what happens. I seen people on here setup both ways like that and it worked for them.

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    I run a dual fan setup, keeps it within 5f of ambient. It's very efficient.
    edit: fan controllers help dial it in when temps are low
  4. My tent is a.4x4 with a 600w MH/HPS
    The way I run it is just like you said, one fan for the lights, the other for the filter. Works great in the summer months when my basement goes over 70f. Pump the heat into the house during winter, exhaust outside during summer.
  6. I would just use the 435cfm
    Filter/Fan/Ducting/Light/Heat house
    Then you could use the other one for fresh air intake

  7. Can you also go passive intake? Just exhausting and two fans inside?

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  8. Depending on the size of your room I would get a controller for the exhaust fan to turn it down to have it just slightly higher CFM than your intake.
    Otherwise you should get 1 more intake fan to have slightly less intake than exhaust for a slight negative pressure in the room.
  9. Please don't get any of the typical fan controllers while using an inline fan. Get a variable transformer, it controls the electricity correctly and doesn't make the fan buzz. Once again

    Variable transformer

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