Help with fan leaves dying

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  1. hi. This is a problem I am experiencing for the first time this early into the run.
    All my plants are absolutely gorgeous. No signs of deficiencies or sickness.
    However, some plants, although being looking good and healthy otherwise will develop one or two fan leaves that first show brown spots, then curl up and eventually dry out. After I break it off, plant continues to grow. Then another leave goes through same thing. All this during last week of veg.
    I grow in grodan cubes
    PH 5.8
    Use Flora Nova series and some CalMag.
    Never had this in years.
    Is this serious?

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  2. TO just looks like they are hurting for water.....

    Are you using same grow setup as always??
  3. Same as I did for last 15 runs.
    The only thing comes to mind CalMag I use.
    The container was opened 8 months or so ago. But I would see this problem all over.
    I have 10 or 15 leaves out of 70 plants.
  4. I can't quite tell from the pics...are the effected leaves on the bottom or towards the top of the plant?

    How old are they?
  5. Bottom. Largest and the oldest. Newer ones are wonderful.
    But older ones slowly turning up brown.

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