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Help with EXTREMELY dense bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Florida420bud, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So i picked up 5 grams of some amazing shit yesterday- to get it out of the way, its deff not beasters. ive bought the same no name before and it was super fluffy.

    I pick it up, and the nugs are super hard, they barely even moved when i squeezed them.

    1. does anyone know what could of caused this?
    2. Would putting it in a tupperware container with an orange peel help to make it not so hard? if so for how long?
    3. and are there any other methods for making it not so hard
  2. smoking it usually helps with that issue
  3. Is it dry, or just dense?

    If it's not dried out, the orange peel wont help since it doesnt need any moisture.

    You could always try some little scissors, like on a Swiss army knife.

  4. definitely drop that shit in a bong and go nuts man
  5. Maybe it wasn't cured and dried properly.
    and it's too dry, maybe. I dunno.
    and yeah, just smoke it
  6. I could bewrong but I think you guys are missing the point.

    He's trying to smoke it but the nug is too large and too dense to break up easily.
  7. Whats wrong with dense buds? Its not that big of a deal unless its too hard to break up.
  8. I'm yet to find too dense of a nug to smoke and I've seen some pretty dense nugs. Just break off less than a bowls worth, and since it's so dense, it'll cherry and last for a long time. I figure the best thing to do with that dense of nugs is to snap them, that way you don't feel like you're using much but you get pretty blasted off 'em.
  9. some one sat on the sack!!!

  10. oh, in that case that actually is a problem. I would say take a large kitchen knife and try to at least get it in half, if that doesn't work, all i can think of is cheese grater
  11. just break it and smoke it....if its to hard to break with your fingers use a razor blade...and just smoke it
  12. bahaha for the cheese grater idea, would that actually work? :confused:

  13. idk, never had a nug so hard i couldnt grind it before
  14. this is what grinders are for. just smash it in the grinder and GRIND that shit up. or put it in a coffee machine
  15. note: this is just what a remember someone else posting

    theres like some sort of grit weed that has been injected with something that makes it extremely hard and like impossible to break up, like you stomp on it and it keeps its shape. But if it manages to break up, its like powdery inside.

    if you TRULY CANNOT break up the bud then this could be what the dude was talking about

    reminder: i'm not claiming to know anything, I just remember someone warning that there was a bunch of grit weed that was super dense going around in the northeast. (maybe its in florida now)
  16. one time i picked up some hydroponicly grown bud and it was really really dense too, i would just open up my switchblade and then close the knife onto it which would snap it and id throw it into a bowl

    my grinder wouldnt break it
  17. yea its so dense that its hard to break up. it got me so damn high haha but it took like an additional two mins to pack a bowl. it seems a little dry. im gonna let it sit in with an orange peel for an hour then hit it in the bong
  18. Last time I had dense buds, it broke the teeth on my grinder (plastic piece of shit). I try to get the fluffy stuff now, although I have a metal tooth grinder now.
  19. Around here the weed is always really dense because it comes from bricks from mexico. They pack it so tight in those bricks that it hardens pretty good. It should break up though. What I usually do is use a small coffee grinder and just turn it on for a few seconds and there you go, nice and fluffy weed just right for a bowl. Oh and if you do that, be sure to sweep out all the keef.

  20. thanks for the help bro

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