Help with exhaust noise please!

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    So my stealth dresser is 98% complete but my exhaust sounds like an 747 taking off, rendering the stealth not so stealthy. There is currently no charcoal filter on it, but one is on the way. The fans are 115 CFM NMB axial fans. They're on a dimmer but i cant turn them down any more without heat being a problem. I'm thinking of muffling the sound with some sort of muffling material, but haven't done any research on this. Does anyone have any experience controlling this problem? Will the charcoal filter make a big enough difference so that you cant hear the "woosh" of air getting pulled through? Thanks for any advice you guys might have.
  2. use insulated ducting... helped alot for me.. but bending air ducting restricts airflow... so you have to find a happy medium.. or insulate your fan more... with a cut up insulation

    also.. if you have the space you can build mufflers..... i would build them, their super expensive

    looks super easy.. its just a round tube with egg crate foam glued to the inside of the tube... the more egg crate the more it muffles the sound

    please take lots of pics and make a how to... people will eat this up if it works and you can make it cheap...

    just look up mufflers for inline fans

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