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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nikidog11, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. Ive read Sidious quickgrowguide and got the idea to just sex one branch on each plant, the guide recommends using a black paper bag on a stalk for a 12/12 period. I have not seen black paper bags anywhere, and im not sure a single stalk would hold that much weight. Any ideas on how to cover a stalk during the veggie cycle in order to sex the plant?
  2. just cuz u CAN do it doesnt mean that its a great idea :)

    life is just too short. bud out a plant...pick the best one...then reveg it and use it as a mama plant. and clone my man clone.
  3. Not so fast "my man" I am limited to one small grow room. If I could be cloning I would but not an option. And as Im sure you know, forcing sexing on all the plants then reveggin at once is stressful to them and adds valuable time to harvest, any other ideas.......

    Im not crabby just have not been able to smoke for awhile
  4. black plastic from a garbage bag?

    Brown paper sack colored black with a sharpie pen?

    Black construction paper?
  5. BPP your on the trail I think, I going to experiment a little I think the black plastic bag is a good idea just not sure if no airflow for 12hours will make any differance i will try some differant things next run and report back!

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