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Help With Drug Test Please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by orange24, May 31, 2013.

  1. 5'9. 175..11-12% bf. In the last 30-40 days I've smoked a little less than an 8th. I've been clean 7 days now. Week ago I had a hit or two off a pipe...smoked a tiny bit 6 days before that. Previous months I smoked a hit or two at night before bed. Not every night but most nights...this was 2 months ago tho. I may have a test within the next week. Which would make me 12-14 days clean. I work out everyday and break a massive sweat. Took at at home test last night and passed. One dark line, one faint. I don't know if these are accurate but it looks like a really official test. This will just be a UA for a job. I don't think it'll be hair a I stand a chance?
  2. You are good to go, btw give us more than 15 mins before you bump the thread.. Lol
  3. Paranoid bro sry haha. You think I'm good?
  4. Yes, I use those at home tests as a dry run too and they have never let me down. And based off all the stats you gave, you should be good anyway. :)
  5. Most companies test below 15ng or 50ng?
  6. Buy a home drug test kit and test yourself first. The clinics I go to here in L.A. can find traces of THC that you smoked 2 and a half months ago. They go back 90 days. And they find it!!
  7. This is just a test for a basic job
  8. :blink:
  9. :blink:
    Lol no idea what that means. But the tests are 50ng
  10. Took a couple tests the last few days. 50ng strips. Passed all of them. Any idea if this is the standard benchmark that businesses test by? This isn't a government job or anything
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    Lol no idea what that means. But the tests are 50ng </p></blockquote>Danbridge told you to get a at home test when you already said you did in the op.. Lmao

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