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  1. Well i know my ins and outs of the dro world selling buying the works but a question to people who moved past that.... What drug is D? A couple nights ago my boi asked me to check his texts and someone texted him saying Got any D? Hopefully someone from the east coast knows what im talking about cuz he didnt know jack shit either.
  2. I'm thinking "D" is LSD.
    Not for sure.
  3. My guess is that he uses "word" texting and d and e are on the same key (assuming he doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard to text with) and it was a typo for "Got any E?"

    My guess.

  4. But if you look at your keyboard:

    still right next to each other.
    Probably meant e.
  5. Maybe he's gay?
  6. Just text him back and be like, "Did you mean E?"

    Whats the problem with that haha.
  7. "D" means DMT. its the most hallucinogenic compound known to man and it usually goes for $100 a quarter gram around my parts
  8. I live in Michigan in the Lansing - Detroit area and I've never heard about 'D'.
  9. D is the best drug around
  10. Around the east, I'm 100% sure that "D" is slang for heroin
  11. Really? I've never heard of it so I'm clueless.
  12. Im pretty sure the texter was attempting to be "undercover" by using a term he just made up. D could mean Dro. D could mean ANYTHING THAT STARTED WITH D. A dime maybe?

    See where Im gettin' at?
  13. Dope, Dilaudid, Dro, Dank, DMT, Drugs in general lol.
  14. In my city that would be methamphetamine.
  15. Diphenhydramine haha
  16. Really? But there's no D in methamphetamine lol.
  17. according to urban dic:

  18. around here D is meth also
  19. Very true.

    To me, that text would mean, got any Dilaudid?

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