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Help with Dirt weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dav657, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. so i picked up a half of dirt weed for cheap. and its not really getting me a high anymore so I was wondering what I can do to make the high stronger and more intense.

    so I was thinking of ways to make qwiso, hash, bho, or something similiar to one of those. Everything just seems so difficult to make. I want something fast and simple to do with this half of dirt bud that I have.

    also please no edibles. nothing seems to happen whenever I eat them :/
  2. Try eating a mango a half hour before smoking.
  3. Just smoke it.. all :D
    Or use it to learn how to roll joints if you don't already know?
    Or make the most massive joint ever just for shits-n-giggles
  4. Id say qwiso would be your best bet, its not difficult whatsoever just search for the threads on how to make it.
  5. this works or even better jus buy the all natural mango juice drink it 30mn before then after u smoke eat a mango idk why this worked better for me lol
  6. Simple. I cant believe no one has told you this. Go down to your local meth lab and get them to extract the THC.. place this high concentration THC into a needle and inject it into your external jugular vein

    jokes aside, try mixing it with other stuff like tobby and salvia..or try other drugs. :wave:
  7. try twistin up a couple blunts
  8. qwiso is the opposite of difficult.

    videos on youtube if you're confused.
  9. well if you can fill a cup of grinded weed in a measuring cup then you can make some tea bag hash.
  10. I toke daily like 3-4 times a day and this dirt isnt doin muh compared to the headies i get. am just trying to make the most out of a bad situation. and mango juice doesnt do anything either. I think that the mango juice nonsense is just in your heads. and i was thinking about qwiso. just need to do a little more research.
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    dude put weed in a jar with a lid, cover with a high % isopropyl alcohol (available in grocery stores ~92% or at a drug store)

    Put the lid on, shake for 30 seconds. Remove lid, rubberband a coffee filter around the top.

    filter in a baking dish.
    when all the alcohol filters into the baking dish, evaporate, scrape, and enjoy :smoke:

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  12. Its backed up by science. Don't knock it till ya try it, bro.
  13. hmm i will give it another try then!

    thank you!

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