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  1. It's been really exciting ever since I germinated and transplanted her outside in the spring. Now she is as tall as I am almkst (5ft)

    My problem began at the start of flower so it's making me think it might be potassium def?

    First I thought it was mildew and I have treated with a 40/60 milk/water foliage spray in the sun 2 times and I've treated with ACV a couple times as well. But it's doesn't seem to help at all.

    I noticed it also looks similar to fungus gnats but there's no sign of them. The plant is close to a patch of bamboo so idk.

    I received some monster bloom Pro yesterday and I fed half strength so hopefully that will take care of it??

    If anyone might know what it is or how to fix it, you would be forever in my gratitude, thx

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  2. Looks like bugs of some sort. Look at the backs of the leaves. That's where the bugs hide.
  3. That plant may be past saving. I know what I would do, but it would be a hail Mary.
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  4. Yeah I kinda figured it is too far gone thx

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  5. Nah, mag deficiency, but the new leaves look ok.
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  6. Mag def, Ca def, K def, P def.

    Feed that girl and spray some pesticide that helps. Neem is what most people would recommend. I say stick to essencial oils, grandevo, venerate, nuke em. Nuke em will helpl with both the PM and the bugs. Like I said, I might just throw in the towel, as those pesticeds are costly, and needs to be applied often.
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  7. I would recommend insecticide soap. It will knock those bugs out. 2 oz of Dr. Bronner's pure Castille soap. Soak the bottoms of the leaves if you get thrips and mites.
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  8. Wow thank you guys so so much, if there's a way I can save it, I will. I'm willing to spend anything within a reasonable range to save her.. She's my first real outdoor plant ever.

    Here's the update..

    A couple days after I made this topic, the grotek monster bloom Pro(0-50-30 or 0-30-50?) arrived in mail. I gave the plant 1/4 str and the next day I bought some premixed neem oil and used the whole bottle on it..

    Overall, it is more healthy, especially towards the top/ new growth.

    Next, I'm gonna get what I need to make the soap mix as stated above.

    *fingers crossed*

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  9. Update: I ended up chopping it for a number of reasons. The funny thing is, I have a clone of it(that was cut way before the mother showed any signs of problems) and it is showing the same signs even though I have it growing indoors. I have a pH tester and ph up and down shipping to me now. I'm thinking pH problems maybe idk.

    Anyone hear anything bad about Nirvana's Ice strain? I've done research and I've seen all good so I guess that wouldn't be the issue. I'll try to keep this updated

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