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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Poison-dart, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Temp is good staying constant around 75
    Humidity 40-50%
    Mixture of tap and ro water every 4 or so days
    FFOF soil
    Used 1/4 dose of kelp nutes once a week ago
    Can't seem to figure this out, almost looks like leaf miners

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  2. Looks like a pest of some sort. Thrips maybe? They like eating weird strips into leaves.
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  3. I did think of a leaf miner, but the tracks are awful small for them. They usually leave much wider tracks behind them.

    Check the undersides of all your leaves and look for larvae.
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  4. Looked with a loupe all over see no signs of mites, thrips, nothing no larvae no insect poo, cannot figure it out. And can't find anything that looks like this...

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  5. I was thinking maybe give it a once over with neem oil

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  6. i had those before it is some sort of worm . i just sprayed the plants with my olive oil formula . you can use neem . it will take care of it . i never did find a picture of the worm it was ugly very small and slimy same as you pictured

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