Help with Diagnosis please!!

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  1. Whats this look like?

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  2. Looks like good old fashion nute burn. Flush the plants and cut back nutes to 1/3 strength.
  3. brilliant. concise and funny.
  4. Nah, gnat eggs/larvae
  5. what brings you to this conclusion?
  6. nute burn. how often do u use nutrients
  7. It's not nute burn, they've been growing for 4 weeks, and I've used nutes only once the entire time and have flushed afterwards

    Plants actually recently began showing a mild Mg deficiency which was corrected but other then that nothing

    The real deal is the picture with the yellow speckling, it started with one leaf and then eventually every plant had at least one fan leaf with speckles, did some searching around, found some gnats leftover from a pest infestation around 2 weeks ago. guess I didn't do that good of a job getting rid of em = / I'm dumb
  8. what do you think it is if it isnt nute burn? jesus. go look in the problems and cures forum.

    what kind of soil are you using?
  9. I think larvae were taking nutes away from the roots/main stem and the bottom fan leaves suffered the most/first so they started shriveling and becoming discolored...? I'm no expert though that's for damn sure

    I'm using FFOF
  10. buy some insecticide and dont nute again for a while

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