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  1. Was wondering if anyone could just help fill in a few holes an unasnwered questions i have.
    Working with a space about 4 feet wide 4 feet long an 8 feet high. 
    My favorite style system from reading would be a drip system on a stadium style setup, that way the height of the room can be utiilized. 
    First time going around, but i want to do it right if im investing my money into it an thats just me.
    So is this the best system style?
    Can anyone give me an idea on how many plants would cost (x) amount of dollars in feed.
    Is this probable to cram two split rooms in here for a perpetual grow?
    I intend to have an intake fan and exhaust fan, and probably going with a 600 w HPS , would a hood be necessary in this small of an area with this setup? 
    If i were to be able to convert say 40% to a veg side, would a 400 w metal halide be sufficient?
    As far as the feed goes, can anyone guide me in the right direction to what amounts or kinds of feed to use in what (preferably all situations)?
    Everything i can think of for now off the top of my head, if i think of any further questions ill post them here.
    Thanks for the help.

    We can't really answer if this is the best setup or how much feeding will cost.  I have no idea how you are going to feed them.  That really depends on if you go organic, or if you choose bottled nutes.  That part is up to you.  You only need one fan.  You want a fan pulling air out of the tent so that you create a negative pressure on it.  You don't want an intake fan.  If the intake fan is putting too much air into the tent, then you will create a situation where your odors start escaping the tent.  You don't want that.  As far as splitting the tent between top and bottom goes, I would say that it could be very tight if it fits.
    I'm not sure how you would convert 40% to a veg side.  Are you intending to veg some plants on one side and flower on the other?  As far as a 400 watt light being sufficient in a 4 x 4, I have to say no.  I would go with a 1000 watt MH/HPS if you want decent coverage.  Don't try to use one side for veg.  Just grow four plants in that area and let them all four flower.  Don't attempt to do two different stages while running two different types of lights on different schedules in the same tent.
    As far as feed goes, it may depend on opinion.  I switched to organic so thats all I can recommend at this time.  For a beginner, it might be easier to use something like Fox Farm though.
  3. Hey thank you for the reply!
    So ive done some more research/studying and i believe im going to go with a home made aquamist system that i found a guide how to build in the overgrow section, one relatable to the one in see more buds 1.
    I was planning on going with bottled nutes.  Because with all the proper gauges,and attention to detail, just adding nutes and maintaining the right ph and ppm seems easy enough?
    Basically yes, i want to have one seperate side for vegging, and another for flowering , to ultimate have a perpetual grow?  splitting top to bottom seems a lil crazy, but since the space is 8 feet high or so, and only 4 feet wide, i figured maybe i could build a platform to split the heights in half??
    Yes i understand the two different light cycles in the same tent wouldnt work, i was just wondering if i could split my space somehow where no light leaks between them to have one i was thinking maybe a 600w mh for veg, and a 600w or if i can afford it a 1000 watt hps for the flower side.  My main concern after cramming it in there and it still being manageable was the heat issue??
    Thank you for all the help guys!

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