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Help with design please

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Vanilla Kush, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Ok, Well this is my first time growing so im still really new to this. So this is what I had in mind. I want to grow about 4 plants. Can anyone tell me how much lighting and space I will need? (Im doing this hydroponic) Please help. Any advice would be great. Thanks :)
  2. THis is how i did my grow room design. I first thought stealth, and where i could put it so no one would know about it. Then I started consturction, build your housing. Then buy your lights, fans, soil, pots, seeds, nutrients, water, heat reflector, temparture gage, etc. I hand a small picture of Bob in my grow box for good luck. Just consider two things when growing light and noise, if these two are controlled you wont get caught.
  3. the absolute MOST important part, ventilation.
  4. Remember only those two things and you're busted. Your most obvious problem is the smell. Seal everything and filter your exhaust through a carbon filter and/or an ozone generator. Smell will give you away faster than all other factors combined. Unless, of course, you are out in the middle of nowhere. In which case grow them in your living room:smoke:

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