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  1. Yo dawg. How many times do I have to say it, fuck that bitch. Not as in have sex with her, as in forget her. She played you and is clearly a slut. I said it before and I'll say it again- not worth your time nor your company.

  2. I know it just reminds me that one of the only girls I ever had a chance with was a total slut

  3. I don't know this girl and she could actually be a nice person, BUT by the sounds of it shes not someone you want to waste time chasing. Chicks like that need time to grow up man, please don't waste your time with someone thats just going to fuck the first guy who gets her drunk.
    Plenty of hot girls out there who are nice and intelligent as fuark! Just keep looking, women should always be second priority. I don't mean that in a sexist way though, what I mean is you need to get yourself in check/sort out your own problems before you start worrying about getting a girlfriend. Though if a good opportunity comes up, don't bail out on it.
  4. [quote name='"LotzoPlotz"']Why do people think weed helps with anxiety? Stupid stoners think weed is the miracle cure for everything :rolleyes:[/quote]

    Because it does you can get it medically for anxiety.
  5. Don't feel down about that man. I'm yet to have sex or even go out with a girl who I had genuine, lasting feelings for- they've all been sluts, or revealed themselves to be sluts over time. The 'relationships' I've had in the past have been nothing but shallow friends with benefits scenarios during which we both pretended they weren't. It's no better (if not worse) than being single, trust me.

    It's quite likely that most of the girls you'll 'have a chance with' will be sluts or otherwise uninteresting people. That's been my experience, anyway. Girls that combine honesty, intelligence and beauty are extremely rare, and if we were all depressed because we haven't got with one yet then most men would walk around with their heads in their hands. I've met one girl like that, she was so perfect, but couldn't get with her because I've never had to court or pursue. I've no experience with getting with girls beyond being at the right place at the right time at a party, or having them come onto me. Legit, decent girls aren't that easy, so I'm always worried that this lack of experience will seriously affect my chances of finding someone right for me.

    I'll join you in the hope that one will come along soon.

  6. Though I'm sure your intentions are good, that's a really bad way to talk to someone about their depression. I'm not trying to attack you personally, just hopefully put this out there so people can be helpful with their friends:

    Don't belittle someone dealing with depression's problems. You don't need a reason to be depressed, as it is often chemical rather than situational depression. The last thing they need is to feel that they don't have a real problem and shouldn't seek help, cause they have "nothing to be depressed about".
  7. Is depression even a real thing or just something made up by a bunch of sad chumps?
  8. I also feel like I lost a frend who I could really talk to you know I liked her and got along better with her then friends I've had for years
  9. Man i forgot about this thread. Strong bump
  10. [quote name='"JamestheFreak"']Is depression even a real thing or just something made up by a bunch of sad chumps?[/quote]


    Science can prove it's a very real condition.

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