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  1. I am prescribed Adderall XR, it can cause you to be depressed. I was a zombie a lot, emotionless if there ever was such a thing. I was capable of going from a zombie like empty shell to finding out horrible news of a death and breaking down completely into a limp sobbing unable to speak trauma victim.. It helps though too in some ways.
  2. thats why i dont like to fuck with that shit. dont trust it.
  3. Depression seems nonsensical to me now. Unless a person has a chemical inbalance (which is pretty rare), they themselves, are the cause of their own sadness.

    Really, what the fuck are you people so sad about? You have access to the internet, you have no reason to bitch and moan about how life is so depressing and sad.

    You could have been born with a disability, you could have been born in a shitty third world country, but most of you are born into America. America is the greatest country in the world, its fucked up right now, but our forefathers fought for us to have our freedoms. We are truly the only free country in the world. You can pursue an education and make lots of money if you want to, we have that freedom. You can do anything you want.

    So why are you so sad? Because you're going to die? Because there is no meaning to life? The only meaning to life is the one you make. Death sucks, death is reality, but that doesn't mean you should mope around and feel sorry for yourselves. Life is the biggest trip there is, in a second you'll be dead, so enjoy life while you can.

    "We are a way for the universe to know itself." - Carl Sagan. Literally, we are fucking star dust, we are made of the same atoms as everything else in our universe, yet we are conscious of our own existence. We are literally atoms that are aware of themselves. We have the ability to observe ourselves and the universe that we live in, and this in itself is incredible. We evolved over billions of years, and we are now aware of it, that is amazing. I don't know what you people are so sad about.
  4. yea deppresion + hard drugs = a no go.. Now i gotta deal with my deppresion and 7 more months of post acute w/d lol. Just stick wit the green :smoke:
  5. Good advice.
    Depression and social anxiety often go hand in hand, at least in my opinion.
    I lost a lot of friends over the last few years, and missed great oppurtunities to become closer with various people. A lot of my unhappiness stemmed from how others saw me, I was (and still are to some degree) obsessed with pleasing everyone and conforming, being the funny guy. In the end all it did was make school the worst time of my life due to wearing a fake public persona all the time.
    Best advice I can give to anyone (not even just those suffering from depression) is to just stop giving a fuck about what people think of you.
    Your advice above about approaching the girl is great and can be applied to any situation your nervous about.
  6. And, according to the medical studies and information listed in Granny Storm Crow's MMJ List, we are right about some of it, at least. :wave:
  7. Im not very good at reading everything everyone says, expecially when its really long but I do skim things. I just wanted to say that I have been diagnosed with moderate to severe depression since the 7th grade but it existed before then. I have a very long list of real medical conditions both mental and physical. I have tried many medications and countless therapists due to my mom literally forcing me to do these things. Meds or therapy has never helped me in all the years of doing them until weed came along. It doesnt get rid of it, it just makes dealing with it easier.

    Regaurdless I am not sure how many times I wish death upon myself each hour. I realize that many feel that depression is just pity upon yourself and that you need to suck it up. Unfortunatly many people dont know what it is like to truly suffer and life shoots me down every chance it gets. The people around me continously hurt me and use me, and take credit for my hard work. I have no friends to tell anything to... With depression I feel like there is no hope for me, while with weed I think I might have a chance to show the world my journey and how hard life really is for some people.

    If anyone ever wants to talk one to one about depression just so someone will listen or for some advise please message me. Im here and I will try to support you by listening.

  8. Sounds horrible man, I can relate though. Although i'm starting to feel better now days i still remember how tough it is. You just can't bring your self to do the things you need to do, even if you know they will help. You can't see a point in it all and you don't think you'll ever escape your thoughts. Really you never do, it just subsides and you learn how to cope with them a lot better.
    You will pull through man, we all do eventually it just takes a long time.
    Hope your doing alright man, keep us updated.
  9. i use to be depress until i had a girlfriend

  10. i agree women do really help with depression, at least a girlfriend..
  11. This might sound bad.. but your health > your schooling. What good is education for you if you're body isn't fit enough to apply it? Always put your health above external stuff like that man.

    I mean, I understand education is important as fuck and all.. but so is your body and mind.
  12. I mean lets face it my parents pay for 100% of my college... There one stipulation is that I don't fuck around and get decent grades. and im probably addicted to it and dont even realize it. idk its so depressing for me because i know that i can't handle any meaningful relationship with a girl while im struggling with these problems and my mood swings are so ridiculous that im lucky to have any friends at all.

    essentially i have a week left of hell then next quarter starts and i repeat the whole process.

    whenever i try to quit my grades go down down down.. then i freak out and start over again. to get caught up then take another break. IDK how to quit to be honest. seems impossible.
  13. Quitting always seems impossible though. I'm sure you're seriously facing situations that make quitting difficult, since your situation makes sense.. but the mind will always find excuses to keep doing something that it's addicted to. I know first hand that the mind can rationalize damn near fucking anything to get what it wants (at least mine was like that) in situations like these.

    You just gotta say fuck anything in the way and do what you gotta do to stop. I'm not telling you to say fuck off to school, since it's not my place to suggest something like that to somebody I don't even know haha. But perhaps there's some sort of taper-off method that you could work with that would do well for you or something, or there will be a window of free time to get clean. I dunno¯\(_o)/¯
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    I was clean the first part of this quarter... just alot of red bull and coffee got me through. but next day i can just instantly do it without even thinking about it. It just happened ya know>? I can't go on living like this though. My nose can only take so much and my mind can only take so much

    EDIT: im done bitching about it though. I've just accepted it im not trying to have a pity party or anything. I'm out of this thread.
  15. OMEGA-3. Seriously dude. I was in a slump but I actually feel a little better lately. Try taking Omega-3.
  16. That's the stuff in fish oil tablets, right? If so I can vouch for it, not just for stabilising your mood but for general well-being. My body and mind benefited greatly when I was taking a a fish oil capsule very morning.
  17. I've been depressed for a while now, mainly due to the fact that I know I can never be fully content with my life since my life long goals and dreams have already faded and died. I don't really have that many friends anymore, and I usually keep to myself most of the time. I don't bother with people now adays, haven't had a proper relationship in ages. I fucking hate the way my life is turning out, I'm currently in college but don't know what I'm majoring in, or what the hell I'm doing with my life. I constantly run scenarios in my head of different ways to just end everything, and I actually feel a sense of satisfaction from it.

  18. How old are you man? If you're at college i'm assuming you're still pretty young, how can you even say your dreams and goals have already faded out and died? And hell man you're not the only person to think like that, you get new dreams as your perspective on life changes.
    With the friends issue, do you have social anxiety or is it just a case of not caring?
  19. Sure I had to learn how to socialize at college. I'm just graduating and my brother is going through his freshman year here also. He didn't have a good year either, he had some traumatic experiences and he was always kinda reserved. Since's he's down some times I feel down, I figure I get some kind of SADD depression and I've deffinetely been covering it up with drug use.

    I'm usually ok with the marijuana use but that needs to be cut down. and I'd love to stop touching the booze. But college is college. It is a socializing time. You can only learn it by socializing, so go talk to some people, be it any one, professors, classmates. its just like learning any thing else just practice and have fun.:smoke:
  20. I'm very down lately I've never had too many friends and those I did have I never hung out with so I was alone a lot and i've never done well in school beacuse i can't wake up in the moring so i would miss class this year was better I was making every day I had good grades I was hanging out with people more and also this new girl was into me and I started to like her a lot but was always too scared to ask her out then november she hooked up with 2 guys and I started slipping she was a huge reason I was doing better in school so
    I started to slip and I started to not like the guys who did it because they wouldn't stop talking about it and one of them knew I liked her and the other kept telling me to get her drunk but she started texting me again and I got over it somewhat and we started hanging again she was so much fun I took her to a pink Floyd laser light show for god sakes and then my buddy had a Super Bowl party she fucked 3 dudes this time and now i'm done with her and last night she tried to fb chat me but I had no idea what to say so I logged out and I've just been thinking how much I miss her

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