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  1. I entered grow room today and found her looking like this. Just watered 2000ml RO at 6.5 PH yesterday. Haven't fed nutes at all yet. medium is ffof and perlite . She's 28 days old I think she might be nitrogen please!!!

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  2. Anybody?

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  3. It's in a 25 gallon smart pot. I can't really test the runoff untill she gets bigger

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  4. Update pics in a few! Any thoughts? I fed a small amount of all purpose feet with 24 percent nitrogen and low pk levels at 1/16 of the recommended supplement for indoor plants. Hoping for the best. Gonna bother the guy at my garden shop and see what he's got for veg. I don't like the idea of all purpose feet!

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  5. Fert*****

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  6. that's not a deficiency its nute burn.
    you have a tiny plant in a huge pot and it will continue to burn till it grows out of it.
    It was never deficient.
  7. But it's only in 70% ocean forest. The only way the nute charge would be that high is if the seedlings stored some from the hot Lowe's soil I started it in. Other then today to correct I haven't fed it ferts. The lower growth came in healthy no problems which is why I didn't think the issue above the one I am facing

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  8. Looks like it should still be in a solo cup. 25 gallon smart pot is WAY to big for a plant that small IMO. You should always be able to test your runoff. And with a pot that big it would take several gallons and overkill on the gal/nute ratio. I've had to add a bunch of dolomite lime to FF soils to bring runoff PH from 5.6 to 6.5

    I had a friend transfer a seedling into a huge pot. The bottom never dried out because the roots never made it down that far. The dirt smelt like decomposing $hit after 6 weeks in veg. He aborted growing and I transferred it into a smaller pot and two weeks later the thing started thriving and was ready for flower
  9. Overwatering.
  10. 25 gallon pot LOL.
    Are you planning on vegging it for a year? Maybe two?
  11. Think she might turn around if I move.her again?

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  12. Yeah this is my first run at this clearly

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  13. The plant should have a proper size pot for how big it is. not too big, not too small.
    Something like this (in veg)
    Up to 2 weeks - solo cup.
    2 weeks to 3 weeks - 1 gallon
    3 weeks to 6 weeks - 3 Gallon
    6 weeks to 8 or 9 weeks and on - 5 gallon
    Get crazy and go over 2.5 months with veg - Switch her to a monster........7 gallon.
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    wrong thread.
  15. Should have no problem. You can gently grab 2-3 gallons worth of soil to grab the root ball and place it in a #3 pot (3 gallon). Add soil to accomadate space, and water in. Once it gets about 1' + then you can put it in a 5-7 gallon, but I wouldn't ever use a 25 gallon unless it is for outdoors. I keep mine in a solo cup size pot until the roots start growing out the bottom, then I repot to a #3. Once that fills out I repot to a #5 square for final pot. I have one mother plant in a #7 but it's been in veg for a long time. I'm actually going to put it in flower tonight

    Just went from solo cup to #3 today

    The white square one was just in a #3 and repotted today, right one is mother in #7 and left round black one is #5 round.
  16. "25 gallon smart pot is WAY to big for a plant that small IMO"

    Why? Does corn, as an example, get started in solo cups? The container size should limit root growth why?

    "You should always be able to test your runoff"

    Why? He's in organic soil and only now just fed for the first time. Are you saying smart pots are A. No good, because you can't check the runoff, or B. He should overwater so that he can check the pH of the runoff, which does not translate to the pH of the actual soil anyhow?

  17. Slick, Colo, snoop can't thank you guys enough! I figured there was an error somewhere giving me issues! If you want to hang around and drop in on me I have a journal going that will feature whole set up. By the time I really start to show some progress I'm sure ill need all the help I can get! I was under the impression little seedlings will go rootbound after weeks in a solo cup. Somebody had warned me about the giant smart pot guess I should have listened haha. Hey it's a learning process right?

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  18. Just saying in his case as a beginner a 25 gallon is a lot to manage. That's why I left it as an opinion. Because everyone's entitled to there own.
  19. When using RO water you generally need to add some sort of cal-mag supplement, because in RO water the micro-nutrients(minerals) are removed, therefore you have to supplement the minerals back.  Some nutrient regiments already have the calcium and magnesium in it, but others do not, so you would have to add a cal-mag supplement.  When in veg and you see yellowing on the new growth, this means you have a magnesium deficiency.  If you see brown rust spots scattered about the leaves, this means you have a calcium deficiency.  To me, your pictures look like nutrient burn, caused by a combination of either hot soil (which I usually mix equal parts of ffof and pro-mix for clones) and has always worked well and the lights being too close when there such a small plant.  Its best to use some sort of T5 or florescent lighting.  If using high wattage lights keep a distance 1' to 2' at this fragile stage.  Your drying your plant out even though it is watered!

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