Help with deficiency problem!!!

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  1. Outdoor bc pinewarp
    The yellowing started at the bottom but has moved up fast!
    I have flushed and nutes but nothing seems to stop the necrosis. It's between the veins as well. I also gave 2 teaspoons of Epsom to 2 1/2 gallons water 3 days ago. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Your biggest worry seems to be pests moreso than nutes. Maybe she needs some calcium though? (Suck at nute issues)

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  3. I have had a couple grasshoppers but nothing major. But I'm yellowing off bad. I thought it was nitro but that hasn't fixed anything. I did give it some bone meal as well recently but already had some in soil
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  4. Couple grasshoppers o_O almost every leaf with issues is missing multiple chunks out of it lol...

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  5. I can control bugs I need to know what I'm missing. If I don't there won't be anything for the grasshoppers to eat
  6. Your plants are hungry. Purple stems are showing low P. Fade in leaves are showing low N and Ca.

    Up your bone meal, try to find some liquid bone meal. MPK if not organic. You are going into flower without many needed elements. It's like going for a 10 hour car ride with 2 gallons of gas. Step up your feeds big time, IMO. Good luck
  7. Up your ammino's also
  8. I have been pouring the nutes to it and nothing seems to help. That was my thought as well but was afraid to do much more. I'm going to nute it up today and see what happens. My ph is around 6.9 so o know that's good
  9. Thanks for the input
  10. So I fed today with a heavy feeding of fish emulation for n, tiger bloom for p,k, a dose of epsoma veg nutes and some bone meal and some worm castings. Something has to happen now!! I'm going to try and get some liquid bone and kelp today.
  11. 6.9 ph means you need Ca in gypsum form.

    That heavy dose of fish will help, do you have ammino's? Like Explorer, ferti nitro, or the likes? If so, bump that every watering till things green up.

    If you do the gypsum route, I would search for the finest grade gypsum you can source from the east coast. I like Diamond Gypsum. I would try a once a week dosage of 1/2-1 cup per yard of total soil volume. Do this for three weeks, then back off. Keep up with the ammino's while doing this.

    I predict the first feeding will start to pull her through, don't be afraid to hit her again within 5-10 days.
  12. You feeding micros? Kelp?
  13. That looks a lot like root aphid damage. Their toxins will do that. I know cuz I've been thru it and fixed it too. Extremely common outdoors and probability of having them is increasing. Prob resistance from all the poisons that people have been spraying on theM to preserve food crop. But relax! Could just be hungry. Take some soil and lay it out flat and inspect it real close. Wait like a minute and they'll pop out. Little aphids with exhaust tube sticking out their ass. They're literally the worst bug you van have in my opinion apart from broad and russet mites.
  14. You're pretty much gonna have to nuke them with 3 diff modes of action with root drenches.Foliar feed to give leaves direct nutrients. If you feed the roots it won't really reach the whole plant due to aphids sucking juices. Do that for a couple weeks after the nukes. Then every week you're gonna have to feed the plant some type of fungal killer to control population. If the yield is gonna be tiny then it might not be cost effective. In those cases people just give up on the war and start all over. If the plants are big you can battle them and even harvest topshelf stuff but will be a expensive
  15. I really don't think it's root aphids personally. It's looking a lot better today and the stems are greening back up. I have never had this type of problem personally. I have had slight nute problems but nothing like this. I think maybe this strain just eats more. Damn spider mites and leaf hoppers are tough in my parts. Powdery mildew can easily set up as well due to high humidity.
  16. I just finished some sour spider auto as well and they was beside each other. I would have thought the aphids would have got both of that was the case. I may be wrong about all of this so.....,. That's why I hit yall up for knowledge lol
  17. Get some Cal-Mag in your water asap

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