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  1. Hello peeps here at grass city I'm new here so I decided to post and ask about my crawlspace being turned into a grow room. From the pics their is a small vent that leads outside that I can use for ventalition. The crawlspace is perfect because the only way to get to it is trough my room. It gets cold in their I put a temp gauge in their and it got to 35 degrees f. I don't want to use the whole crawl space because out here in colorado 6 plants is legal so I'd like to stay at 6. If u guys could shed any knowledge on how I can set this up I would appreciate it. Again I'm new to this forum as I am to growing. I can learn on my own but I jus wanna know if it can be achievable to get good yields..... The pic might be upside down so let me know.

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  2. if u have the money n hands to do it!
  3. make sure you grow plants that are about 12" tall and use some severe lst. Last year I had an outdoor grow used tent stakes to train the branches. The plants had 4 main branches the grew out to about 3 feet and were about 8" above the ground. Outside I had the sunlight. In your crawl space you might have to be creative with your lights.

    You situation I would build a lightweight box out of 2"x2" lumber and cover it with soundboard with reflextix on the inside. You will have problems getting in there to water for sure.
  4. Personally, i couldnt deal with growing in such a confined space. IMO, being comfortable and having a useful work area are necessities....i likely spend 1-2 hours per day on average in my grow room to water, feed, prune, rotate and inspect my plants. Things like flushing involve multiple hours at a time in the grow room. Just looking at that space is giving my a sore neck and back....i couldnt imagine having to crawl around in there every day to work on my garden.

    Not trying to be a buzzkill, i just dont want you to underestimate the amount of work a grow entails and how much time you will have to be with your want a space that is practical and that you can spend extended amounts of time in, you want to enjoy this hobby.

    Do you have a closet or space inside the house that you could use? You will also have a much easier time keeping temps stable if you can find a better space. Just a couple thing to think about, good luck!
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