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  1. well i have a cooltube, i believe it is 24" long, well my Cab i am trying to stuff it into is only like 28" wide, need to find a way to cram the ducting in there too, any suggestions?

    It is the Closetmaid 30" .
  2. Guessing you are talking about the 30" wardrobe? Might not have room for ducting so you might have to cut 2 4" or 6" (w/e ducting size youre using) ducting sized holes so you can go straight out of the sides. I would order some ducting flanges depending on what size youre using. If your fans strong enough you can also use it along with some 2" passive intake PVC pipes on the bottom. Like if its 200cfm+ you'll be golden, but with a scrubber and everything I personally would use 2 separate fans. Like a 100-150cfm booster fan for the cooltube and a 150-200 cfm fan on a speed controller for the intakes and scrubber. Im high.. let me know if I helped lol.

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  3. i have a 6" fan 445 cfm, i'd like to use that for the whole ventilation. if I put holes on each side then that makes it unstealth.. :[ seems like anotheer wasted 100 bucks.... bout to just give up...
  4. do you think if i go from corner to corner itll fit?
  5. diagonally
  6. Gotta get it together and find out, or better yet- save time and probably $ and get a grow tent on ebay. Or an armoire on Craigslist. my 2 cents
  7. My last tent broke ihabe the closet thiz is a big mooney sink
  8. ^ ?

    Get a tent if you already have the fans/light/cooltube, no $ needed to make it lightproof or anything, just install light and ducting and chains and germinate seeds.
  9. i have fans,lights,cooltube tent, and this closet, reason im trying to figure this out is the tent collapsed mid grow, and also for stealth concerns, taking the light out of my tent and gonna test in a sec
  10. eh broke my cooltube in half gonna use it like that till i can afford a smaller air cooled hood
  11. hey atleast it fits now right?
  12. thats one way of lookin at it lol
  13. ill be sure to post pics when i get the cab finished, stilll waiting on a dark room louver and some tot loks whats a good way to seal the light off in between doors? tried weather stripping but then they didnt shut right lol.. i have it all light tight except for the tiny space inbetween the doors..

    Also if i don't replace the backing will that cardboard backing that came with it work for a little while? out of my budget atm till pay day
  14. Got a new hood cab isfinished just gotta get my girl to take pics
  15. hows it lookin?

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