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  1. Basically, i have quite a big wardrobe in my room, and there is an empty space in it i want to grow 1 or 2 plants in. Im doing this without anyone in the household knowing. however, i'm new to growing so i need guidance on what to do with this space.

    right now i know im going to use a 250w hps light with a cooler ( so no cooling issues here ), grow super critical autoflowering, and i am going to put one of those bladeless dyson fans in there (is this suitable or should i use a conventional fan)

    i need co2 though so could i just open the attic windows and co2 could reach the plant through the circular hole, or do i need an exhaust fan (i have no clue about these).


    its hard being a beginner but you have to start somewhere

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  2. There is more than enuff info here in the city to answer any question you can come up with.. My suggestion is do a bit of research in the DIY section and absorb all you can before you do anything else
  3. thanks yh ill look through it

    btw i know people get pissed here if u ask a question that has already been answered but i have been looking for ages now
  4. Trying to keep you from getting that case of the ass for m all of em.
    The search feature will speed things up and seem like you havce defined what you want so now just find what will work
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  5. appreciated, yeah i will

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