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Help with Colorado MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FartSmoke, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. My wife and I are moving to Colorado next month. She wants to get a card and her conditions are anxiety, depression, and chronic lower back pain.
    We're making a trip up there in a few days to secure jobs. We already have a place to stay up there. Could she go ahead and get her card while we're up there in a few days? Would she have to simply get a Colorado ID and go to a doctor? Could it be done in 2 days?

    I appreciate any help, we're NOT trying to scam the MMJ system, we respect it very much and she would like to get her card as soon as possible, one less thing to worry about when we move.

    EDIT: Not sure why it says cancer
  2. Hey!! I just moved to Colorado today. I got my recommendation and was able to medicate with 3 hours after a very long and uncomfortable 20 hour trip.

    A lease is not sufficient. They had said utility bill, medical bill or any bill with your address on it. I used my renters insurance policy and auto insurance policy I had transferred here and had it's effective date coincide with my move in date.

    You can call the DMV located near where you are living and ask them what they will accept as proof of residency. It cost 21. You do have to surrender all other licenses, so that may pose a
    problem...may not.

    I'd say move here, and then travel back and forth till its final. That way you are completely legal and legit.

    All in all it was amazing how easy it was. I am completely legit, HIV/AIDS diagnosis. But still, it was very easy.

    Amarimed has an actual doctor; and I mean a real, no bullshit ivy league doctor...not a joke or a scam or illegal whatsoever.

    I went to Colorado Alternative Medicine on S. Broadway. Pricey pricey but the quality of that medicine was unlike anything I have had.

    You also have to mail your app certified with your $35 money order to the CDHPE-MMR.
  3. I just moved to Colorado in May. I got my Co driver's license 3 days after I got here and used a check with my Denver address on it for the proof of residency.

    The next day I went to Canaqual and was able to walk in without an appointment no problem. I filled out the mmj registry card application paperwork and then waited 10 minutes or so and saw the doctor. He did a brief interview about my medical history and reason why I was there ect. Then filled in his part of my application and it was notarized.

    They made copies and put everything into an envelope with the required address filled in and all it needed was a $35 check, then it needed to be mailed certified mail to the state.

    After that they explained what I would need to do if I wanted to visit a dispensary that day. I would need a copy of the application I sent in, my datestamped certified mail receipt, and colorado driver's licence. I dropped the envelope off at the nearest post office and headed to the dispensary closest to my house.

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