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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Dreeker, May 2, 2003.

  1. I only have a closet to work with, cause i dont want my parents to come in...

    1st things first, ill get air fresheners (about 10?) and hang em up on my room

    2ndly, my close is about 4' length, 2' width, 5' heigth

    is there any way i can make a good room, maybe if u know ur stuff, tell me where/ i can get shit like lamps ie, online, and how much it costs, i would like to spend the least i can to make it worthwhile

  2. 1... you don't need much space to grow... get some indicas that tend to grow flat anyways

    2... make sure it is ventilated... get a small fan, etc.

    3... ebay ebay ebay... i got a 150 W HPS w/ bulb for $65.. and i just ordered a 1000 W MH w/bulb from for about $150

    4... make sure you get the space as sterile as possible... if you have problems with pests get some insecticidal soap

    5... make sure that space is reflective... white... or put tin-foil on your walls, etc.

    6... that's about it for now... you'll probably have lots more questions later on
  3. another good idea is to grow other plants with the weed... as in plants that have nice strong odors... that helps dilute the smell
  4. Ya sounds like a small HPS or some 2' flouros.
    Ill be honest, I wouldnt do it unless your parents are ok with it. Lets assume your successful and grow 2-3? nice females and that does take about 3 months, your probably going to get popped a few weeks from harvest. Good plants will smell unless you get some serious odor control
  5. Oh yeah the light question

    Used Ebay
    New, Walmart, Home Depot
  6. ty, my parents dont gotta know, i have soo much axe in my room that u can smell it all over the house, if they do catch me, then im fucked, but i dont really have any worries (for some reason)

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