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  1. Hey I am starting my first grow and have been reading for like 3 months, I am going to be using half of my closet. The closet has 2 sliding doors that are not connected at the bottom. I was wondering if you guys had any idea how to seperate the closet into 2 and it be light proof, and still able to get in and out of it.

    here is a pic of what I'm workin with basically

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  2. take out that rack and seperate the closet into two parts (or 3 if you want to use just one half for the growing) and use one for a mother plant (veg room - 18 hrs of light) and the other half for a flowering room (12 hours of light) and do a hydroponics system for the flowering room. For small places like closets i would do something like that but dont just buy it there... you can buy all that stuff at wal mart for under $75 (and use a HPS light instead). Thats pretty much the setup i have, just make sure the light from the veg room does not get in the flowering room.
  3. Cisco I think you misunderstood my question. I know what I want the setup to look like. I just need advice on keeping half of the closet completely light proof and still be able to go in and out of the grow space.
  4. Hey buddy, you need to be more detailed with your pictures.

    You can use emergency blanket to block of the grow area, its what I use, cheap an great at keeping light in the garden.
  5. Sorry about the pictures, but there isn't much to it. If you guys know what a normal closet looks like then thats what it is haha. It has two sliding doors that are only connected at the top. When they are closed, there is still light between the door and the frame. If you can't understand what I mean then I'll try and take a picture of it a little later I suppose
  6. listen haru.. what you need to get is some black and white poly. they would sell it at a local hydro store or perhaps even the black visqueen at home depot would work don't know though never used it.. It'd have to be light proof.. the black and white poly from the hydro store is sold usually in 10ft x however much you need.. buy about 20 feet and line the inside of your closet with it.. even the front by the door, the way you would do this is by doubleing the plastic up and staple gunning it to the roof of the closet, letting it hang down as the walls of your little space. overlap the front so you have to kinda curtain your way into it yet when they are overlaped and the door slid closed it'd be light proof.. if you have to take ducting in or out of the plastic you'll need to tape it up around the duct for light proofedness...But this stuff works great, if it overlaps the ground a few inches and each side by a foot or two in the front you'll find it conceals all the light for ya.. it's worked well for me, I make little rooms in rooms like this.. perfect too cause it lines your inside walls with white poly that is highly reflective yet easier on your eyes than mylar.. either way.. good luck...

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