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  1. Greetings all..have looked around and came up empty on " HOW TO CLONE"
    Anyone one PLEASE point me in the right direction ?
    I have much info on growing but some how the cloning part is not any where.....ANG i ahve a friend who just asked me if i wanted a cutting from his SAPPY strain ready to pick.

    Thanks for the help

  2. Do a google search for "How to Clone Marijuana". You should find what you are looking for.

    There are a ton of ways to clone. Some more effective than others. This video will show you the basics.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to Clone Marijuana - Cloning Marijuana[/ame]

    Good luck.
  3. Here is my personal method. I will buy some Cloning Solution of choice and then some peat cubes. First I will make some water with ThriveAlive Vitmain B1 ph adjusted using Distilled Water. I will soak my peat cubes in this for about 24 hours before using them. When its time to clone I will then again make the same distilled water using ThriveAlive again and will pour a small cup of it. Once you you choose a plant I will then slice a cut using a razor blade slicing from the lower section of the plant having at least 2 nodes. I will take all of my cuts placing each one in that cup of water I refereed to earlier instantly as I will take them. Its important to get them in that water ASAP. Finally after I have all of my desired cuts I will cut each at a 45 degree angle at the bottom and then will then get as close as possible to the stem and slice off the lowest of the nodes side branches. This is where your cloning solution comes into play you dip the cut into the solution and place it into the peat cube in a cloning tray. After all my clones are in the peat cubes I will give them a mist of plain ph adjusted distilled water. Remember now that you have your clones you must keep your humidity as high as possible with a humidity dome. About 2 times a day I will mist the clones with the distilled water and allow them to sit out for approximately 15 minutes before trapping them in the dome again. Remember humidity is key here. As far as lights go I will use a small amount of CFL light above the dome on a 24 hour light cycle.With the method I describe I have a 100% success rate. Any questions let me know

    PS. ThriveAlive comes in an Organic version and I feel is a must for any cloning project.
  4. Lots of stickies help with cloning available.
  5. Stickies in the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS section is fine.
  6. My method is in my's worked well for me.
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    Easy and effective. No elaborite rituals. Tap water. Cut it and stick it in the hole. Wait 2 weeks.



  8. Wow, and you didn't add anything to the tap water?

  9. No Serpentine, just tap water.

    My first post may have been misleading, the rooted clones in the pic are older than 2 weeks.

    With the method Im using, the roots start to form in 10-14 days.
  10. Hi Flowergirl!

    IC, they look extremely healthy! I just started cloning a few cuttings just recently for the first time. I'm using soil as a medium. I'm really impressed because I checked a cutting I made over two weeks ago to see if it had rooted, but I could not find any roots. NOthing anywhere near what yours look like that is for sure.

    I'm thinking that the method you are using looks much more effective. Did you add any rooting gel to the cut sites before you placed them in water? I cannot tell but did you just make that container yourself. It looks almost like regular tupperware.


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