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    Does anyone know what's wrong with my clones? I took them out the bubble cloner and put them in kelloggs plus soil yesterday, went in this morning and I see them leaning and droopy, which I have never seen with my other clones. Lighting schedule is 24/0 under a few 23w 5500k and a couple 26w 2700k
  2. Hi. They looked very shocked. The siol u put them in i am not fimiliar wi but looks like lots bark chipping!!! Not good. Need perlite in too for draunage and airiatuon etc. Give em a few days to recover( if the siol doesnt kill em lol) and they shud com out of shock. Give em root stim to help the shock and roots etc. Someone one ere will be able to put ya rite but if they was mine i wood change siol and/or add perlite and water in wi root stim... sorry cant help more but gud look love xxx ps check ph .. temps... rh... and wat nutes if any too ??? Xx
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    PS... put em one 18/6 they need rest too xx
  4. The soil doesn't stay that moist, so I assume it can't be because of drainage... root stim, as in the rooting hormone I used? And alright I will be changing the lighting schedule to 18/6 when I get a timer. Ph 6.2 - 6.4 , no nutes yet, temps are 75°
    Thanks for the knowledge
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  5. Hi love. Glad ya changing lite scedual. If ya also look at house and garden or canna(rizotonic) etc they do a good root stim ya give through veg plus some etc... its worth looking into love as will help roots keep developing healthy and helps wi wen ya transplant to next pot too ... goid luck and grow happy love xxx
  6. Ps try to go wi ph 5.8 /6.2 as some siol and plants need lower love to stop cal and mag deficienies xxx
  7. How big were the roots when u planted them?
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    Most of them were like this

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