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  1. I just had my last cigarette of my entire life.. (At least i hope so)

    So i been a "cigarette smoker" for about 2 months.. And its been a tough battle..
    I feel guilty after i smoke and i threw away 3 packs of unfinished cigs throughout my history with them but i continue to buy those stupid motherf*kers!

    It gives me like 5 minutes of nicotine high which i like but i dont like what im doing to my body..

    I want to smoke weed instead but its hard find weed here because i live in a small town and everyone has a "cult" so people won't let me in cuz im a new guy..

    I really want to quit so im going to try to tough it out..

    The whole point of me writing this is to celebrate!

    I am officially throwing away this pack and NOT returning

    i just need some support an motivation to quit..

    I thought the wonderful people of Grasscity could help me out with quitting and maybe tips on finding a dealer.. Should i use social media (facebook, twitter, etc..)

    Maybe ask some random people over facebook from my school for weed or..??

    I appreciate it if someone could help me through this tough journey! Thank you & happy toking!! 😁

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  2. Walk into a hood gas station and when someone buys a pack of fellow, ask em for some bud. Around here, I dont even ask, its offered to me at least once daily.
  3. Hi Triston,

    It's always hard to find a good dealer, let alone the first one. I would have never known where to start if I hadn't met my partner.

    Social media is probably not the best way to find a dealer, especially if you are in school.

    There are always "cigarette smokers" at school - find them, use smoking as common ground and then after a week or two, pluck up the courage to ask if anyone has a stick. Don't flat out ask for a Q or bigger because:

    A) they're at school and probably won't have that much on them.

    B) You don't want someone to knock you down after school and steal what you've got.

    You'll also make some pretty cool friends while your at it.
  4. Smoke Nicaraguan cigars instead of cigarettes. They're actually real tobacco. Not like the GMO Monsanto Mcdonalds & Marlboro.

  5. I know you wanna quit, but you could try vaping with no nicotine in it? Kinda gives you that oral fixation. I would say just start hanging out with people who like to smoke too! Try go strike up conversation about similar music and views. That's how I met my 420 friendly friends

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