Help with Choosing High-End Glass.

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  1. My friend wants to buy this RooR for $3925 and since he is covering me for part of the RooR Little Sista I'm getting this weekend, I told him that I would find him a way better bong, for a way better price.

    What are the best bongs that you can get for $2000 or less?

    Here is a picture of the one that he was going to order:
  2. What's so special about that bong? There are some out there way cheaper that probably has the same stuff that one has.
    Your really just paying for the brand name :p
  3. That's why I'm asking for the best bongs for $2000 and under, because he is willing to pay that much haha.
  4. Tell your friend do get a nice $300-$500 bong and spend the rest on some kill.

  5. Tell your friend to just get a nice toro either a multi tree perc'ed version or a nice 13 arm/inline pc or even one that is disc diffused. He will be happier with that then the $4000 RooR.
  6. get the tripple coil illidelph imo
  7. Haha, $4k for that lol, are you serious? Jesus Christ, for $500 you can buy a bong that hits much better than that over priced gold label you posted. For fuck sake you can buy an Illadelph coil for a 1/4 of that price.
  8. SG or Toro

  9. Yep. With all the bells and whistles.
  10. SG grid cap/gridded dome

    anything SG really.
    or Toro if you prefer.
    SG is where it's at, though.
  11. Fixed SG grid and then just get heady slides with the rest of the money if you guys wana spend it on just glass ohhh yea and a ryot case.




    Edit: And if you want an ac get one of the hedman headies which are 450 custom ordered online with your colors
  12. ^ I would definitely go with the first suggestion. Not only is that Roor gaudy and pretentious, but it's going to funtion exactly the same as the 200$ 3.2mm lil sista. I can attest how amazing that fixed grid SG is.

  13. Can I get a PM for a site I can buy one from?
  14. Okay well he decided on this Illadelph for $4500. Good choice?

  15. Dude for that kind of money, he really should go for an SG or Toro. The difference between that and a $700 illy setup is nonexistent. If he really wants to drop that kind of dough, he should get something with real >$1K functionality. That illy is just $4k spent towards art.
  16. Artisticly that's a very nice tube...looks like a Cowboy collab, but damn...functionally and price wise that's an absolutely terrible idea.
  17. 2 grand on a bong!!!! :confused: dude... buy like a 500 dollar lux,phx, or basic roor setup then grab like a QP of dankity dank and get higgggggggghhhhhh :smoke:
  18. dude you can get like 5 toros or SG for that price

  19. Just stop. You have know concept of High Quality Glass. For $500 you could get so much better than Lux, PHX, or RooR.

    OP as for that Illadeplh I love it cause I have a coil but most of the people are right when they say you can get better functionality and art for way less then $4500. Should look into any collab with Toro. If he is really set on the Illadelph he should check out the Zack P/Illy colab.

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