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  1. Hey guys, i have built a growroom 5' x 6' x 6'H and currently have a 600W HPS and a couple of cheap chinese "supposed" 1000W LED lights. I managed to get my hands on 10 x Cheese seeds (hard to find here in NZ) and am wondering if i will have enough light coverage with this set up to grow all 10 at once ?
  2. You'd be better off growing 4-6 and saving the rest of the beans. A slightly longer veg time and you'll yield the same regardless

    I doubt those 1000W LED's are anymore than 200W at the most each

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  3. I would have done but was given all 10 already germinated. My problem now is getting enough light to grow all of them. Maybe another 600w HPS would be enough ?
  4. Will 2 x 600w hps lights create much more heat than a single 1000w hps ? Any help appreciated.
  5. Day 31...looking good so far. Other 600w hps arrives in 2 days so will be doubling light output soon. Day 31.jpg Day 31.2.jpg
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  6. A good goal for bloom levels with HPS is 50-60 watts per square.

    600 watt hps lights are the most efficient size. They put out up to 160 lumens per watt. 1000 watt hps fixtures are around 140 lumens per watt. 2 600 watt fixtures is 1200 watts and a more efficient output. It's much better then 1000 watt light. You have two points of light instead of one. You can spread them to get better coverage. You also have much higher output from both the extra 200 watts and the more efficient bulb size.

    5x6 is 30 square feet. You want between 1500 and 2000 watts for that space for bloom.

    I would say that your 2 600 watt lights along with the cheap led panels should be decent coverage for that size room.

    3 600's might be more ideal.
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  7. It's possible to fit 10 plants in that space. It may be a little crowded but just keep the veg a little short.

    I do tend to do better in yield with less larger plants then more smaller ones. I've been growing 2 per 4x4 area with my best crops. That would mean about 4 in your space.
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  8. Thanks for the info, im looking at 10adults with about 4 wks veg. Have not grown this strain before but is very vigorous.
  9. You'll do well with 2 - 600's in that space. Very good advice for next time with less plants simply vegged another week but should be just fine overall. 2 - 600's WILL put out heat tho so make sure you concentrate on your exhaust - keep those temps down as much as possible while the lights are running. If you haven't started flowering you'll want to do it soon - at least remember that plants can double or more during flower.

    Good luck!

  10. Thanks Jerry, we are towards the end of winter here, outside temps are about 57-62 degrees still so hoping to be finished before the hot weather comes. Currently temps in growroom are about 75deg and stable but i may have to move up to a bigger fan but hopefully not.

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