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  1. Hey guys, this is going to my first grow attempt and I've done a heap of reading but want to get a few more opinions. I have a healthy as fuck veggie garden so I understand the basics of growing healthy plants, but have never done anything under lights and that's where I need some pointers. 
    I live at home still due to studying and not wanting to leave my dog but I've talked to my dad and he said as long as he can't tell and mum/my brothers don't find out he doesn't mind that I'm doing it, so because of this stealthiness takes priority.
    I'm only going to grow one plant so I was thinking of buying a bedside table sized set of drawers (probably about 3x3x2'), gutting it and turning that into a stealth grow box. Would I be alright just mounting six 24w CFL lights directly above the plant coming out of Y adaptors, or would I be better doing four on top and then 1 each on either side? Any other suggestions?

    Also, how would I go about keeping the smell down? The whole family knows I smoke, so it's not weird for my room to smell a bit like weed, but if it absolutely stunk they'd get suspicious. Carbon filter attached to the output fan?
    Also, I know it's hard to give an accurate guess, but if all goes well how much could I expect to get from the plant?
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    Sounds like you got a decent plan. I myself gutted my dresser and crammed 540W of LEDs inside of it lol

    For smell, I highly suggest carbon filters for after veg growth. They won't really smell until 2 weeks into flower. I highly suggest a small 4" inline with carbon filter. Set up a passive intake, and ventilation is taken care of

    For lighting, that depends on your apace, but I think 4 on top with one on either side would probably work best with CFLs

    For best results in that space I'd recommend a SOG or SCROG, but that's totally a preference. SCROG will take longer, but will yield more per plant, SOG has much shorter veg but also yields less, but makes up for it with the number of plants.

    Its very hard to say how much you will pull off your first run, but once you get some grows it certainly is possible to get around 1 gram of dry bud per watt of lighting. Mind you, a lot of factors come into play for yield.

    I highly suggest taking a look at some threads here in the micro section to get a good idea on how to deal with stretch, which type of medium and nutes you want to use, ect.

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