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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thecrunchyfrog, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. just got my cf meter, got my nutes, clones are rooted and growing in pots, i'm raring to go.. but what cf should i have my nutes at during veg phase and bloom phase?
  2. For freshly taken clones you want it to read between 6 and 8, only a half strength nut is what you need at this period.

    Soon as they are potted move the readings up to between 8 and 10, increasing the reading gradualy over the weeks, don't shock them by shooting up the feed to quick. By the time you put your plants into flower they should be on about 18, now this can be different for all growers, so basicly if your plants so sighns of nutrient burn (tips burning & curling) then lower the cf and flush with ph corrected water, but all being well 18 should be about right at a 4 week period which shoul;d be going into flower.

    It can stay on 18 all the way through the grow, but you can take it up to about 21/22 towards the end, on the last week or so of flowering give it only ph corrected water, let the plant flush itself and drink up some clean water, this will infact clear the plant of any chems, giving you a lushes tasting bud ready for the toke.

    Obviously some nutrients change once you put them into flower, you have a veg A + B & a flower A + B, although if you are using coco peat which i have become a firm believer of and would tell the whole world to use, you use the same nutrient all the way thro, there is no veg or flowering mix, just an A+B all the way thro.

    Hope this has helped.
  3. thanks for the detailed advice hydro - i am using canna cocoa - you're the first other person i've found who uses it - with a+b. This's my 6th grow, but i've always used miracle grow.. usually get 10 - 12 oz from a 400w hps in a room 1m x 1m x 2m.. so this's my first proper nute grow.. so here goes..... thanks for taking the time.
  4. No problemo m8, i'm sure now you are using canna coca ya will never turn back, there is another product by buzz which is more or less the same as the canna version. I found this to be the best medium i have come accross yet & believe my i have tried quite a

    Will never go back now i have seen the light.
  5. how often do you water using CC? i've always watered in a bit of an arbitrary way, leaving the pump on for a couple of hours or so each night.. i've got a separate timer so i could water my plants several times a night for, say 15 mins..

    and maybe i could pick your brains a bit more.. i've just put my clones into CC.. usually theyre one mass of rootball in the pot.. this time even though the girls looked quite healthy and seemed to be growing, there was much less root.. any thoughts??

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