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    Allright I was thinking about buying a carbon filter agaisnt the smell, but I HAVE NO IDEA how to set one up or even what to do with it? From what I've understand there is a fan on top of these carbon filter cans right? And then you can choose to have an airline conduct it? please tell me, because I want to control smell (closet grow, 250 MH/Hps, 3 feet by 3.5, hight ceiling) But I don't want any airlines, because I don't want to put a hole in the wall. I need some really good info's on them and how to set them up, I've been googling all morning and all I get is shit being sold online. Otherwise I was thinking about buying a Uvonair (what size would you recomend, but these are a lot of cash). PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused::(:confused:
  2. Unfortunately I think you will need to cut a hole in the top of your box for exhaust and a small hole at the bottom for intake.
    First get an in-line duct fan preferably 4" or 6"(make the hole the same size that you get.)
    Get some HVAC tubing that looks like a silver slinky.
    Find a Hydroponics store near you for the Carbon air filter. Some gardening places might carry them as well.

    If you do all this then once you install the duct fan in the hole seal(caulk) the outer part of the box where light shines through. Also get some PVC elbows or something like that(to stop light from getting in.) to put in the small hole at the bottom. Seal that also.

    Lastly, put the silver tubing on the exhaust and the other end on the filter, keeping the line straight to get maximum air-flow.
    I don't know if there are ones with fans built-in.

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