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  1. so i have an Acura MDX and i want to put a single 12" sub in it. the car already has a stock sub in it, so my question is, how do i put an aftermarket box in?

    can i remove the speaker and run its wires to the new amp?

    if the car has an amp for the sun that it there, can i disconnect that and use its input wires on the new amp?

    im lookn at a 300watt system.
  2. no u cant. you're gonna need a new deck probably, an amp, and a sub... putting in subs without new speakers is ghetto as fuck
  3. the speakers that are in the car are already upgraded. now i want subs:D
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    if the stock sub is the same size just swap em out

    what is the stock amp that runs the sub now? the wiring will prolly be different if you want to switch the amp.
  5. the amp is what ever comes with the bose audio in the car.
  6. Youll need a bypass module to cut the frequencies to the bose amp which will in turn send a signal to the aftermarket amp and sub. You are not going to wanna attempt this one yourself with a Bose system since they are very prone to clipping with aftermarket equipment. but any decent shop should be able to do the install for about 100 - 120 with the module included.
  7. Put 2 12"s and try to ask your friends like where you can get good hookups and maby they can help u out.
  8. Hes right your whole bose system is non compatible with aftermarket subs and amps. You need a new deck with amp outputs and youll need an amp for the sub itself.
  9. danm

    what about in a 07 jetta? do i need a new deck for that?
  10. The worst things about new cars is that they get harder to bypass.

    Nowadays you have computer components in the dash and it makes it more costly to replace it.

    Vehicle manufacturers do this on purpose in order to sway you to buying the upgrades from them specifically.
  11. I've done a few MDX's in the past and I have installed them with the factory radio. Now you could go the route of a Amp bypass but as I said before, they WILL clip above 3/4 volume. Also it would sound like ass since the crossover frequency used in a factory Bose is gonna be wayyyyyyy higher then your 35 hz sub which will cause excessive wear and ruin the sub. The Jetta is an easy strait forward Swap get a RCA converter and tap into the back of radio and run your wires. Takes maybe 30 mins to install in one of those.
  12. i think im gunna get 1 alpine type r in the jetta. and do all the door speakers ans new deck.

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